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Service Delivery Manager

Features and benefits

Features Advantages Benefits
Pre-configured service management software stack delivered via virtual images Greatly simplify and accelerate installation, configuration and integration of the solution. Achieve both rapid time-to-value and greater return-on-investment.

Reduce or minimize capital expenditures by reusing existing hardware resources.
Secure User Centric Self-Service Portal, Automation Engine and Catalog Provides a single portal interface that delivers ease of use to administrators and service requestors.

Users can request the services they need, when they need them, for the time they need them.

The administrator can easily get visibility and control of all requests of cloud resources.
Eliminates manual processes for requesting resources.

Minimizes system outages caused by human intervention/errors.
Automated provisioning and de-provisioning Allow greater automation, and standardization of service delivery.

Resources can be provisioned in multiple virtual networks to support multi-tenancy.

Resources are quickly returned to pool when no longer needed instead of sitting idle.
Resources are provisioned consistently every time.

Resources can be provisioned in minutes versus weeks.

Dynamically manage virtual workloads to optimize resource usage.
Integrated monitoring of physical and virtual cloud resources
Monitoring for ongoing managing of the service.
Metering, Usage and Accounting Collect, analyze and bill based on usage and costs of shared assets.

Deliver detailed information and reports about the intricate use of shared resources.
Understand costs, track, allocate and invoice by department, user and many additional criteria.

Can help system administrators to recover system operating expenses.
Virtualization Management Understand physical and virtual resource usage and their associations. Enables IT managers to automatically migrate virtual machines across systems to maintain or improve service levels and reduce system downtime.
Includes prepackaged workflow templates for key services that Allows IT workers to set up systems quickly. Minimizes the skill level required to deploy and manage a Cloud Service.

Allows higher skilled users to focus on higher value, new business tasks.

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