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Service Delivery Manager

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Key Features IBM Tivoli Service Automation Manager IBM Service Delivery Manager

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Stand-alone Software offering Yes Yes
A self-service portal interface for reservation of computer, storage, and networking resources, including virtualized resources Yes Yes
Ability to track workflow status online Yes Yes
Quickly provide services on demand, when you need them Yes Yes
Automated monitoring, provisioning and de-provisioning of resources Yes Yes
Resource provisioning is automated with implemented standards Yes Yes
Lights-out” automated operation Yes Yes
Prepackaged automation templates and workflows for most common resource types, such as VMware virtual images and LPARs
Real time monitoring of physical and virtual cloud resources

Energy management to reduce costs
Integrated usage and accounting chargeback capabilities that can help system administrators to help, track, and optimize system usage
Reusable image library for rapid deployment
Self-service: Zero touch administration
Virtualization Management
“Fit for purpose” based on the specific architectural requirements of unique workloads

QuickStart Implementation services to get platform up and running in days

Purpose-Built Hardware, Software and Services Infrastructure - ready to go solution

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