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IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager

Tivoli software

Enables a dynamic infrastructure by automating the management of physical servers, virtual servers, software, storage and networks.

Business benefits

TPM provides data center automation capabilities which reduce IT operational and capital expenditures. By leveraging TPM's task automation capabilities, a data center can achieve a higher level of optimization and efficiency, and is able to provide more business-valued services.

Features, advantages and benefits
Features Advantages Benefits
Advanced image management functions Faster deployment of applications with image library and image mobility support Saves time and helps reduce costs by quickly deploying applications
Enhnaced scalability, including ability to create thousands of virtual machines simultaneously Support for large virtualized environments by scaling automation for enterprise needs Provides optimized resource utilization and enables smoother transitions as IT resources are assigned to new and growing businesses
Enhanced compliance reporting Improved security and compliance reporting with out of the box reporting Manages risk & audits
Ability to move running AIX LPARs Improved utilization of server resources by dynamically moving workloads Helps balance workloads for resource optimization
Improved patch management support for Windows and Solaris Zones operating systems Easier and faster updated support throught patching by Microsoft Security Bulletin number instead of individual patching Saves time for value-add projects
Significant GUI usability improvements (inventory, server build, virtualization) Enhnanced ease-of-use and time-to-value Reduces time and labor costs to implement key operational management capabilities
Integration with Rational Test Lab Manager Tivoli Provisioning Manager will provide an OPAL plug-in which will be used by Rational Test Lab Manager to implement two extension points: one for inventory awareness and a second for data center automation. Provides more value in test environments
Out of the box, “best practice” automation packages Pre-built automation packages for provisioning numerous Quickly delivers value with automation of common tasks for leading products
Development toolkit for building flexible, customized automation packages Enables building of automation packages tailored to the environment and IT or business processes Quickly and efficiently build automation packages to automate manual tasks unique to your business
Scalability Responds and adapts to growing and changing IT environments Smoother transitions as IT resources are assigned to new and growing businesses
Works with an organization’s existing IT infrastructure Can integrate with an organizations best practices utilizing automation packages Provides optimal resource provisioning for specific IT infrastructure and business requirements

IBM® Tivoli® Provisioning Manager 7.2, built on a Service Oriented Architecture, enhances features for optimizing and managing virtualization in the data center. Including capabilities such as image library and image mobility, IT can fully leverage their investment in virtualization technology.

Whether virtual or physical, data center resources need to be managed efficiently throughout their lifecycle in support of IT service delivery. Tivoli Provisioning Manager helps organizations with provisioning, configuration and maintenance of physical servers and virtual servers, operating systems, middleware, applications, storage and network devices. With this release of the Tivoli Provisioning Manager, users can also benefit from significant ease of use enhancements, scalability improvements, new compliance reporting, and streamlined use case scenarios that provide more out of the box value. Key functional areas of enhancement include:

These capabilities allow companies to manage the complete lifecycle of virtual and physical datacenter resources from initial provisioning to patching and configuration maintenance to resource repurposing or end of life. Through the automation of tasks, IT administrators can manage more resources with fewer people, allowing key skilled people to focus on activities that grow the business rather than serve to maintain it.

Companies can leverage these tools and automation capabilities against their existing infrastructure. Pre-built automation packages provide control and configuration of major vendors' products, while customized workflows can implement your company's best practices and procedures. Additional automation workflows can be obtained from the IBM Tivoli Open Process Automation Library (OPAL), an on-line repository where customers, business partners and ISVs publish and share best practices for automation.

This product supports IBM's solutions for successful IT Lifecycle Management a core component of IBM's solution for Accelerating Deployment.

Learn how IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager can advance your shift from systems management to the more advanced IT service management. IT Service Management will help you to make ITIL actionable, reduce costs, manage complexity, and ensure regulatory compliance.

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