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IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for WebSphere Integration Brokers for Distributed Systems

Tivoli software

Features, advantages and benefits

Features Advantages Benefits
Provides full support for WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker V5 - presenting broker status, definition and statistical information in easy to understand tables and graphs. Provides full support for WebSphere MQ Integrator (WMQI) V2.1. Predefined workspaces provide statistical information such as Current Message Rates, Current Average Message Time, and Sub-flow Statistics Facilitates comprehensive monitoring of the performance of a given broker, message flow, or sub-flow
Track accounting statistics in WebSphere Business Integrator Message Broker V5 by message flow, thread, node and terminal Monitor message flow elapsed time, message flow CPU time, etc. Helps operators keep track of accounting statistics of the broker
Customizable Situations immediately alert operators when preset conditions are met. Attributes allows you to specify object properties you wish to monitor actively. Take Actions allow corrective actions to be readily applied. Early-warning indicators link operators to specific performance metrics and charts. Automated corrective actions kick in to minimize downtime and lost revenue. Equips IT in quickly determining the cause of decreasing service levels and correcting them
Unified, browser-based interface presents broker performance metrics of entire middleware environment from a single vantage point Easy to understand charts and tabular data track performance from a single pane of glass Equips operators to effectively manage broker performance across various components within the messaging environment
Situation editor lets you move beyond simple thresholds and helps easily define complex thresholds, situations and alerts See detailed information about what triggered the alert; Expert Advice suggests possible solutions based on industry best practices Designed to help eliminate false alarms and promote the sharing of skills; complex alerts can be created by novices and experts
Take Action helps resolve common problems Use existing scripts or ones easily created from templates Implement resolutions automatically or select and apply manually if preferred
Workspaces can be customized and stored to contain views of critical events and conditions with user-selectable charts and reports Custom workspaces can be created for special job functions Each user gets only the information they need

Business benefits

Performance issues that show up in broker-based applications can begin in a thousand places within your enterprise. You can't master all the intricacies—or dedicate enough staff to the task. And yet, you can't ignore real risks to performance.

IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON® XE for WebSphere® Integration Brokers for Distributed Systems is a powerful performance-monitoring solution that presents a single integrated view of your entire messaging environment for end-to-end control of all your middleware applications.

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