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IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for Storage on z/OS

Tivoli software

Business benefits

Features, advantages and benefits
Features Advantages Benefits
Situation editor lets you move beyond simple thresholds and helps easily define complex thresholds, situations and alerts See detailed information about what triggered the alert; Expert Advice suggests possible solutions based on industry best practices Stay on top of both system managed storage (SMS) and non-SMS devices in real-time from a single workspace
Capacity alerts and intuitive charts At-a-glance views reveal space available for allocation within volumes and storage groups Actively manage capacity issues and avoid outages
Volume statistics and performance metrics such as DASD fast-write ratios, cache hit rates, volume contention, resource locks, data collisions, and channel utilization Provides insight into response times and performance data for volumes and storage groups as well as measuring down to the milliseconds spent storing or retrieving a data set Speed device response time and utilization
Data set level performance and space metrics See at the data set level how they are performing and if there are any problems Knowing the device level may not always be enough, trouble shoot at the data set level where the problem may be effecting a specific application
Application monitoring – identify and monitor the data sets that an application is currently using Quickly identify the volume and datasets which and address space is currently using, finding out their performance and availability metrics Isolates where to look for problems, quickly reacting to changes in the application and environment
Channel, Tape, DFHSM and DFSMS monitoring capability Solution provides information for the whole I/O sub-system from the channel levels down to the individual data sets, this includes monitoring of tape/Cart drive information. HSM and SMS information is also available The product provides a wide variety of storage management capability. This is the corner stone solution for the storage management tool box
Intuitive Web browser interface Enables you to monitor the interaction of your storage devices and other systems within a single interface from any location Quickly detect and pinpoint the source of storage problems and trace transactions from one system to another
Take Action helps resolve common problems Use existing scripts or ones easily created from templates Implement resolutions automatically or select and apply manually if preferred
Built-in TN3270/5250 component Go directly to TN3270 applications Built-in components for enhanced data access and integration. No need for extra emulation packages.

New V5.1

IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for Storage:
Introducing a significant redesign to OMEGAMON V5.1 family, based on high priority customer requirements. OMEGAMON is providing new capabilities designed for:
• Improving problem resolution efficiency but requiring fewer steps to find a root cause performance impact in real time, and therefore providing higher availability.
• Improving the visibility, control and automation with a new more comprehensive 3270-based user interface capable of viewing the entire enterprise-wide environment from a single 3270 screen.
• Reducing the time required by IT personnel by leveraging Tivoli Monitoring functions including self describing agents and a new Parmgen methodology for installation, configuration and maintenance.

OMEGAMON XE for Storage Product Highlights

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