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Features, advantages and benefits

Features Advantages Benefits
Comprehensive monitoring Monitor R/3, databases, OS and user response times In-depth monitoring from one central location
Alert and response-time correlation Correlate application response times with back-office systems management Correlates R/3 conditions directly with end-user response times
Better service-level management Proactively manage and report application and response times Complies with service-level agreements
Complies with service-level agreements Monitors and manages critical servers (e.g. files, print, mail and Internet), critical strings (e.g. system, error, dump, job report, application messages), and critical components (e.g. redo logs, SAPArchive, SAPRouter) Monitors and manages the environment around R/3 which directly affects application availability
70 predefined alert policies Contains alert thresholds and actions based on SAP’s own high-availability guidelines Monitors your R/3 system without the need for programming
Advanced automation Create policies that work across R/3, databases and operating systems Deals with multisystem issues automatically and set up complex policies in a matter of minutes
Intelligence agents Key components are written in SAP ABAP and can automatically trigger actions at the local level Agents are programmed to monitor and respond to events locally
Easy customization Drag-and-drop editor for easy creation of thresholds and actions Complex policies involving response time and R/3 attributes can be constructed in minutes

Business benefits

IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON® XE for R/3 is an integrated performance suite for managing SAP R/3 in the Enterprise. Providing proactive management for an unlimited number of R/3 instances, Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for R/3 can also be integrated with other OMEGAMON XE products to monitor databases and server operating systems from one central location. Even when an R/3 instance goes down, Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for R/3 continues to manage the remaining R/3 instances, as well as the databases and operating systems. It includes alerts for more than 350 SAP attributes (and more than 1,000 database and OS criteria from other Tivoli OMEGAMON solutions).

Enterprise-wide solutions, such as SAP R/3, require intricate IT infrastructures that have many possible points of failure. Tivoli OMEGAMON XE for R/3 can pinpoint bottlenecks in R/3 instances, database, server or OS at the end-user level. As an integrated solution, deeper systemic problems become more manageable.

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