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IBM Tivoli Network Manager Entry Edition

Tivoli software

Features, advantages and benefits

Features Advantages Benefits
Supports a broad range of new protocols and network devices Broader and deeper coverage Faster time-to-value in your environment and fewer blind-spots
Excellent performance even in large infrastructures Frees up staff time while reducing hardware costs More future-proof for better ROI
Network discovery Discovers underutilized and stranded assets Reduces costs due to overbuild
Real-time visualization and modeling Helps understand complex networks and the impact of problems Service effecting problems are easily identified and prioritized for better availability and performance
Topology-based root cause analysis Expertise and best practices built-in Improves operations efficiency
Network management reports Shows discovered assets, current and historical status, and root cause problems Enables reconcile inventory and focus attention on high priority issues

Business benefits

IBM Tivoli Network Manager Entry Editiontm is designed to help organizations improve network visibility and drive reliability, performance and control over physical assets. It brings the power of Network Manager IP Edition (formerly Netcool/Precision) in a stand-alone form with enhancements that make it faster to deploy and easier to use, with a simple upgrade path for very large networks.

You can use Network Manager Entry Edition to collect and distribute layers 2-3 network data — and thereby build and maintain knowledge about physical and logical network connectivity. With accurate network visibility you can efficiently and effectively visualize and manage complex networks — and, more importantly, the services delivered across them.

In addition to the physical, port-to-port connectivity between devices, it captures logical connectivity information including virtual private network (VPN), virtual local area network (VLAN), asynchronous transfer mode (ATM), frame relay and multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) services. Real-time root-cause analysis helps operations personnel quickly identify the source of network faults and speed problem resolution.

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