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IBM Tivoli for NetView z/OS

Tivoli software

Drop-in automation

The Automated Operations Network (AON) component of Tivoli NetView for z/OS simplifies network operations for your operators and increases network availability, giving you greater network productivity for the same investment. You can even quantify the savings using AON's Facility to produce both detailed and summary reports showing how long a network service outage lasted, how soon the resources automatically recovered, which component recovered the outage, etc.

AON minimizes network interruptions and helps you meet your service level objectives. It can detect and resolve problems before they are apparent to your end-users. AON decreases the recovery time for unplanned interruptions and prevents futile recovery attempts on out-of-service components. AON notifies the appropriate people of conditions requiring operator intervention. With AON, your organization can increase customer satisfaction by delivering consistent and reliable network availability.

AON offers you single-point control for the entire network through a menu-driven operator interface. If you implement focal-point services, a single operator can monitor and control many remotely located networks from one NetView workstation, eliminating the need for multiple operators, with multiple terminals, connected to multiple networks.

Without AON, operators receive a countless number of messages and alerts and must issue complex commands to monitor and control networks. AON automates many functions based on those messages and alerts by suppressing the unneeded ones from the operators' displays and offering operators simple, easy-to-use command formats and panels.

Rapid implementation
Because network availability is critical to your success, we designed AON for quick implementation. You specify site-dependent information in AON's Control File using simple parameters. AON includes a sample Control File that provides workable defaults, so you can get AON up and running quickly. The Control File provides a set of common Automation Policy that simplifies implementation and maintenance requirements. Since we've done the programming for you, you see the benefits faster.

Options for growth
Because you can activate optional capabilities as your requirements evolve, AON provides an excellent base for automation evolution. For example, you could install AON and its SNA Automation function initially. Once you've got that rolled onto your production systems, you could then install the TCP/IP Automation function. Flexibility as you expand is key!

SNA and TCP/IP Automation
We analyzed critical network messages and alarms and programmed the recovery procedures and command responses for you. For example, the optional SNA Automation function (AON/SNA) intercepts over 40 critical VTAM messages and alerts that indicate problems with network resources. This AON function automates Systems Network Architecture (SNA) resources and offers additional automation functions for Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking (APPN), Switched Network BackUp (SNBU), and X.25 resources.

The optional TCP/IP Automation function (AON/TCP) brings TCP/IP network status awareness to your NetView session. The operator interface makes routing commands to NetView for AIX service points and checking the status of resources easier.

For more information: AON Software Specifications

Customization and extendability
Using AON's built-in automation requires no programming. AON's default automation table provides a well performing structure that you can use for your automation as well as ours!

Automation can be extended via updates to the NetView automation table or additions to the easy-to-change Policy entries in the Control File. AON is smart; the code is written to dynamically determine processing steps after interpreting the Automation Policy defined by the software.

If you want to write your own automation functions, AON provides exit points and documentation for common routines, so programmer(s) can create new procedures with minimum coding - and that means a minimal amount of code to maintain.

AON is part of NetView, beginning with the NetView main menu panel. The optional automation functions merge into AON and are accessed from the same menu-driven operator interface. AON's versatility enables it to provide cross-product support to:

AON helps you get the most out of NetView by increasing the productivity of your operators and the efficiency of your network; it keeps your network running, the automated way.

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