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IBM Hybrid Cloud Solution

Integrate, Manage and Secure Private and Public Cloud Resources

Consolidate and simplify the integration and management of on-premise and cloud computing resources by bringing together critical end-to-end cloud technologies like Tivoli’s enterprise management capabilities and Cast Iron’s integration technology.

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Businesses are increasingly turning to hybrid cloud solutions to reduce costs and enable more scalable and flexible business processes. Hybrid cloud environments involve complex management challenges. First, organizations struggle to maintain control over the resources that lie outside of their managed IT scope. They also need greater infrastructure visibility to help reduce maintenance costs and ensure that their company data and resources are properly handled and secured.

By combining integration technology from IBM WebSphere® Cast Iron® and IBM Tivoli® enterprise management capabilities, organization can create a hybrid cloud solution that enables:

Control and management: Define policies, monitoring and performance rules for the public cloud in the same way as on-premise resources. As a result, organizations can more easily control costs, IT capacity and regulatory concerns.

Data Integration: Monitor, provision and integrate to support “cloud bursting”--dynamic relocation of workloads from private environments to public clouds during peak times.

Security: Enable better control of users’ access by synching the user directories of on-premise and cloud applications. The automated synchronization means users can only gain entry to the information they are authorized to access.

Dynamic Provisioning: Monitoring, provisioning and integration capabilities allow its hybrid cloud to support “cloud bursting,” which is the dynamic relocation of workloads from private environments to public clouds during peak times. Such dynamic provisioning is controlled by IBM technical and business policies. The dynamic provisioning will also allow sysadmins to even re-allocate IT resources to handle workloads moving from private on-premise systems to public clouds during peak times.

Organizations can leverage the following IBM offerings for hybrid cloud:

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