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Live Demo! TSM FastBack and TSM FastBack for Exchange

Tivoli software

Scheduled Dates for 2010

Tivoli will be performing a live demonstration of TSM FastBack and TSM FastBack for Exchange data protection products. These welcome additions to the Tivoli Storage Manager product family provide the ability to meet aggressive Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives in an organization's data protection service.

The TSM FastBack family provides many advanced features including:

Instant Restore allows users to access to their data or application immediately, while the restore is taking place.

Continuous Data Protection sends backup data continuously which allows a recovery to be done to any point in time.

Incremental Forever Backups prevents wasting time and money in performing and storing unnecessary full backups. Each backup appears to be a Full backup, but only the blocks that have been modified are copied.

FastBack Mount allows access to backed up data without it being recovered. This allows data to be validated after backups, the correct data to be identified before it is recovered, or data to be opened and its contents to be recovered at a more granular level, thus reducing the size and time of the recovery.

Exchange Brick-level Recovery allows messages (as well as Contacts, Calendar Items, etc.) to be recovered from a previous backup without requiring an entire Exchange Database to be recovered. TSM FastBack for Exchange does not require additional backup processing to provide IMR.

Branch Office Disaster Recovery allows replication of branch office backup data to a central site. This data can be compressed and encrypted during the transfer. The replicated data at the central site can be used as the source for creating a tape copy of the data or for recovering branch office data and hosts. TSM FastBack allows the backups and replication of multiple branch offices to be monitored with a single tool.

TSM FastBack Bare Machine Recovery allows Windows hosts to be quickly recovered, even to dissimilar hardware.

This demonstration is open to Customers, Business Partners and IBM employees.

The scheduled dates are:

2010 TSM - Fastback live demo dates @ 10:30 ct TSM - Fastback live demo dates @ 3:00 ct Spanish: TSM - Fastback live demo dates @ 1:00 ct
January 14 - Thursday 28 - Thursday
February 11 - Thursday 25 - Thursday 10 - Wednesday
March 11 - Thursday 25 - Thursday 10 - Wednesday
April 08 - Thursday 22 - Thursday 14 - Wednesday
May 13 - Thursday 27 - Thursday 12 - Wednesday
June 10 - Thursday 24 - Thursday 09 - Wednesday
July 08 - Thursday 22 - Thursday 14 - Wednesday
August 12 - Thursday 26 - Thursday 11 - Wednesday
September 09 - Thursday 23 - Thursday 08 - Wednesday
October 14 - Thursday 28 - Thursday 13 - Wednesday
November 04 - Thursday 18 - Thursday 10 - Wednesday
December 02 - Thursday 16 - Thursday 08 - Wednesday

Web Conference
Conference ID is FASTBAK
Prior to the web conference, we suggest you do the following:

1) go to
2) click on Support
3) click on Lotus Sametime Unyte Meeting System Check
4) Select attendee type and click Next
5) Proceed with the system check and install any plug-ins required.

Audio Conference:

Audio Conference
Title: TSM Fastback LIVE Demo
Passcode: FASTBACK

Toll Free: 800-857-4143
Toll: 773-756-0845

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