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IBM Tivoli Editor for Messages on z/OS

Tivoli software

Features, advantages and benefits

Features Advantages Benefits
Enhanced message format support User-defined format definitions to parse messages for display when you view or edit them, and validate messages when you create them Create and modify messages in virtually any format, including XML and SOAP as well as an array of non-XML formats. Create unique message format definitions using Message Format Editor. Share message format definitions across the enterprise using directory services
Interactive message management Complete point-and-click control over WebSphere MQ messages View, edit and delete messages in a queue. Create message filters to view messages by queue type and name. Create new queues. Process messages in a dead-letter queue. Save and restore messages. Support direct connections and client connections
Security features Can be configured to operated with or without user authentication WebSphere MQ administrators can exercise control using the Object Access Manager

Business benefits

IBM Tivoli Editor for Messages on z/OS® is a browser-based message editing tool for the IBM WebSphere® MQ development and testing environment. It enables you to quickly and easily create and modify test messages, unload messages for reuse in regression testing, and create queues for load testing. This application development tool offers enhanced message formatting and message length support, queue management capabilities and improved security features.

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