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Features, advantages and benefits
Features Advantages Benefits
Capture best practices Capture individual best practices for installing a software component. This is captured in a Software Package Block, that is reusable across all systems to install a software component or patch Reusable stored skills – reduced error rates
Automation of processes Automate best practices, by linking them together in a workflow with logic included Improves operational efficiency and reduces human errors
Automated management using reference models Automatically remediate systems to ensure compliance to defined standards Reduced operational activity, enforced standards, reduce time
Automated Windows Patch Management As soon as security patches become available, you will be able to automatically distribute and install them on all of your servers and end user clients More reliable IT infrastructure. Time and cost reduction in patch management tasks. Total control of your IT infrastructure “patch” status.
‘No Touch’ OS Pristine Install Leverage Microsoft Automatic Deployment Services and Remote Installation Services technologies to perform the actual installation process on the ‘bare-metal’ for both MS desktop installations and MS server installations. It can also drive other tools directly like Imaging products, or tools provided by vendors for Linux and Unix systems. Reduce cost and improve productivity as there is no need to have physical access to the Server to start the installation
Multicasting Software distribution time is independent of the number of targets. Software package is only sent across the network once Can significantly reduce network bandwidth usage. Can help in an environment where there are slow speed links between locations
Pervasive Device Support Integrated support for PalmOS, PocketPC, and Nokia Communicator devices. You can update the configuration information and software on these devices using the same tools with which you manage desktops and servers. Allows you to gain control over the increasing number of pervasive devices being used for business applications across your enterprise. Your administrators do not need to learn to use a separate, specialized tool for managing pervasive devices.
Enterprise Directory Support You can now leverage organizational information stored in enterprise directories in order to determine a set of targets for a software distribution or an inventory scan. The subscribers to a reference model can be set based on a directory query. Allows software distribution and inventory operations to be targeted by user. Administrators can store information about users in a single location.
Secure management of systems outside corporate firewall Supports secure software distribution and inventory operations through firewalls. Supports environments that have multiple levels of firewalls. Reduces security exposures inherent in managing in an extended enterprise environment. Allows you to extend your management systems to support your customers and business partners

With most IT staffs facing astronomical growth in the number and variety of IT assets and users, distributing software and security patches, managing inventory and ensuring compliance across their complex, heterogeneous environments in a secure, reliable fashion has become a monumental task. It’s difficult to keep up with:

Addressing these challenges with manual processes is often inefficient, error-prone, and costly. It can drain the time of IT staffs away from higher-value tasks. Many companies need a way to automate scheduling, submitting, monitoring and controlling software and patch distribution.

IBM Tivoli® Configuration Manager can help you gain total control over your enterprise software and hardware. Its software distribution capability enables you to rapidly and efficiently deploy complex mission-critical applications to multiple locations from a central point. After systems have been deployed, the inventory module lets you automatically scan for and collect hardware and software configuration information from computer systems across your enterprise. Tivoli Configuration Manager also has the ability to enforce adherence to your company’s policies by changing system configurations as needed to ensure compliance. And Tivoli Configuration Manager includes Microsoft software patch automation capabilities designed to save time, lower costs, and improve quality. Tivoli Configuration Manager can automatically:

The patch automation capabilities can help IT managers address the security concern of how to effectively apply patches for Microsoft operating systems, Internet Explorer, and Media Player. In addition to lowering costs through the use of automation to save time and labor, it can also reduce the time needed to close security vulnerabilities.

This product supports IBM's solutions for successful IT Lifecycle Management a core component of IBM's solution for Accelerating Deployment.

Learn how IBM Tivoli Configuration Manager can advance your shift from systems management to the more advanced IT service management. IT Service Management will help you to make ITIL actionable, reduce costs, manage complexity, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Provides a broad set of new TMF capabilities:
- Enhanced reliability, serviceability and usability features

- Enhanced software distribution capabilities for low bandwidth networks

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