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IBM Tivoli Compliance Insight Manager

Tivoli software

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Automated audit reporting through a compliance dashboard and flexible report distribution. Centralizes the compliance monitoring process from the collection point on, providing concise and understandable information through the dashboard and reporting. Gain an understanding of your compliance posture to help ease the demands of preparing and responding to the increasing numbers of security audits and helping to improve your security stature.
Privileged user monitoring and audit (PUMA) on databases, applications, servers and mainframes. Unobtrusively monitors and reports on privileged user activities, allowing your administrators to perform their jobs and supporting strong controls over user access. Provides a cost-effective, automated way to monitor, report and investigate privileged user behaviors to both protect key corporate applications and information assets and provide assurance to auditors and management that effective controls are in place.
Translates captured native log data into easily understood language. Patent-pending W7 methodology translates all events into a single language that states Who, did What, When, Where, Where from, Where to and on What, understandable by security personnel, auditors and management. Reduces reliance on over-burdened and costly platform-subject matter experts by delivering easily understood reporting to support auditors’ evidence requests and security managers’ investigatory needs.
Integration with IBM Tivoli Identity Manager, Tivoli Access Manager, and Tivoli Security Operations Manager. Integration with IBM’s identity management solutions simplifies efforts to implement identity auditing as part a strong controls environment, and automates the comparison of user to security policies and best practice frameworks. Integration with Tivoli Security Operations Manager automates the process of notifying security operations personnel about policy violations that can threaten security or compliance measures. Reduce the risks of access to sensitive systems and non-compliance with security policies and requirements. Improve incident response and policy compliance by allowing security personnel to investigate exceptions and take immediate action.
Advanced report definition engine allow users to create custom compliance modules and reports. New custom reporting tool provides offers easy-to-use interface for creating custom reports, including summary and detail reports, Top-N and threshold reporting. Reports can use filtering selection criteria and be presented in text or chart form. Helps you to quickly and easily meet your organization’s specific reporting requirements, new compliance initiatives and ad-hoc report requests through an intuitive user interface.
Efficiently collect, store, investigate and retrieve logs through automated log management capability. A scalable log collector helps ensure the reliable and verifiable collection of native logs from virtually any platform, including syslog and Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) logs, and almost any security log type, including operating systems, databases and security devices. Automating and centralizing the collection of logs files can help make the process more efficient, saving time and money.

Provides visibility into your organization’s security compliance posture through automated, enterprise-wide user activity monitoring. Includes dashboard views and reporting to help measure security posture and respond to auditors’ requests.

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