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IBM Tivoli Availability Process Manager

Tivoli software

Business benefits

Features, advantages and benefits
Features Advantages Benefits
Proactive Discovery capabilities Receive messages from various sources, in real time, about configuration changes to the IT environment that impact relationships or attribute values of discovered resources Faster time to resolution
Asynchronous Discovery Credential free manual script discovery for systems where access is not allowed or where credentials are extremely difficult to obtain Ensures that discovered data is accurate and business service views are current.
Enables multiple, concurrent discovery jobs to be supported on a single discovery server Allows for targeted small scope refreshes in parallel to scheduled long running discoveries Improves discovery efficiency and scalability
Offers integration with Tivoli Business Service Manager Features new APIs and out-of-the-box configurations Improve performance, scalability, and reduces latency
Additional type of deployment for TADDM called Streaming Mode. Discovered data flows in parallel from multiple Discovery Servers to the Enterprise Database

In streaming mode, the Enterprise Manager is used to view discovered data, topologies, reporting, and analytical information. Data is available as soon as it is discovered. Requires less hardware and resources and helps eliminate merging problems when consolidating discovery data.
Improves performance and scalability.
Offers a robust and extendable way to create, edit, and delete business applications, business service, and collections from a single point in the user interface.

Uses Grouping Composer that gives users the ability to manage Business Applications in the TADDM Web Console
Users have an easy way to view custom queries and their results in the discovery browser.

It is no longer required to deploy descriptor files to the target servers. All rules will instead exist on the TADDM server.
More flexibility, ease of use, and less maintenance when creating application descriptors
Extended storage reports for Tivoli Productivity Center discovered data Allows you to see storage components, connections, and dependencies Improve the availability of the services they deliver and help identify expensive pieces of hardware not being used

Tivoli® Availability Process Manager provides visibility into IT components, applications and their business impact. It provides IT organizations with the necessary tools to effectively diagnose and prioritize incidents and problems that impact mission-critical business services.

Tivoli Availability Process Manager is part of the IBM IT Service Management solution which enables enterprises to integrate and automate services, operations and processes across the complete IT management value chain — people, processes, information and technology — all while utilizing their existing IT infrastructure. Based on a service oriented architecture (SOA) and best practices, IBM IT Service Management enables IT organizations to view their infrastructure holistically, manage it as a business and gain real business results. In conjunction with the IBM Tivoli Change and Configuration Management Database, the innovative Tivoli Availability Process Manager drives responsiveness and flexibility by automating IT management processes within silos and coordinating processes across silos. It integrates with an organization’s existing products and processes to implement predefined, customizable activities that enable businesses to optimize customer service and facilitate rapid response to change and new opportunities.

Product Integration Summary

The following operational management and monitoring products integrate with Tivoli Availability Process Manager to maximize the level of detail that is visible through the Tivoli Enterprise Portal.

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