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IBM Tivoli AF/Integrated Resource Manager

Tivoli software

Features, advantages and benefits

Features Advantages Benefits
AF/IRM resource managers (RMAs) maintain peak subsystem efficiency by automatically managing critical functions of CICS, IMS, JES, DB, MVS, WebSphere MQ and XRF subsystems Implements best practices subsystem management, automatically recovers VTAM nodes, adds IMS regions and ensures the availability of CICS regions for batch processes, and more Automation senses and responds to system conditions, heading off potential performance and availability problems at machine speed
Encapsulated code and a framework for managing system resources greatly simplifies automation Customize prepared automation objects via an easy-to-use panel-driven interface Save hours of coding by using pre-tested automation components instead of writing scripts
Intuitive interface simplifies implementation and management of advanced automation Reduces total cost of ownership by decreasing the level of experience needed by operations staff or automation specialists Increase staff productivity through automation and quickly implement an easy-to-maintain automation solution
AF/IRM objects capture and replicate best practices Enhance monitoring and notification for all areas as AF/IRM objects sense and immediately respond to conditions as they occur Meet customer demands for response time and availability while maximizing system investment

Business benefits

IBM Tivoli AF/Integrated Resource Manager® (AF/IRM) simplifies system automation and resource management through an intuitive console-driven interface that provides comprehensive subsystem management without additional coding. AF/IRM represents a streamlined paradigm in automation implementation and management that leverages packaged automation objects based on IBM Tivoli best practices. AF/IRM eases automation implementation and maintenance for OS/390®, z/OS® and Parallel Sysplex® environments, applications and network resources.

IBM Tivoli System Automation for z/OS is the primary IBM Tivoli automation product for building an end-to-end autonomic computing solution. With the acquisition of Candle Corporation, a number of additional automation products from the AF family were added to the IBM Tivoli portfolio. The AF products will continue to be available for customers primarily focused on mainframe console automation, integration with OMEGAMON data, and outboard automation. The AF family of products will continue to be supported and enhanced to keep them current.

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