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Migration pathways

Migrating from an HP platform can be an easy, well-traveled road. With IBM's broad range of offerings, you can choose the system and software that is the best enabler for your business and IT objectives.

Who should migrate Business needs Migration pathways
Customers looking to manage Telco Environments Root Cause Analyses, and advance correlation across the entire service delivery infrastructure. Tivoli Netcool portfolio further extends IBM offerings with next-generation management solutions for telecommunications infrastructures.

Quickly determine problems and automate fixes reducing your mean time to repair. Easily discover and maintain your entire network topology without human intensive interaction. With accurate network visibility to efficiently and effectively visualize and manage complex networks™ and, more importantly the services delivered across them. Tivoli Network Manager and Netcool Impact are designed to help organizations improve network visibility and drive reliability and performance.

Reduce the cost and complexity of many underutilized servers. Replace HP servers and blades for consolidation, reliability, and reduced TCO.

IBM QuickStart Services helps get customers up and running faster to realize technology benefits and improve TCO.

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    Integra Telecom Replaces HP OpenView With IBM Tivoli Netcool.
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