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Thinking about migrating from HP?

Hewlett-Packard continues to change direction, retiring hardware and software platforms, selling off core business solutions. Many clients worldwide are fed up with this uncertainty and are migrating to a stable environment. If you share these concerns, please review the following article outlining HP's system management confusion.

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IBM unveils new software to enable clients to expedite migration process

Understandably the notion of changing your underlying IT and network solutions may cause your heart to skip a beat. Then comes a startling revelation: HP is forcing its software customers to do rip and replace migrations of their IT service and network management solutions across their organizations. This means clients must decide whether to stay on their current outdated IT and network service solutions or transition to the new software offerings.

Now, you may be forced to do something. Inertia has been broken. In fact, many HP OpenView customers plan on taking this opportunity to migrate elsewhere. There's never been a better time for a fresh assessment of which platform will best support your evolving business — today and tomorrow.

Leading, not lagging technology
Unlike HP's decision to offer several, non-open architectures, IBM Software offers a broad portfolio of industry-leading IT and network service management applications to intelligently manage IT, network, and business services, providing flexibility to choose the right solution to match your business requirements.

Less risk, less stress
IBM offers an outstanding track record for guiding clients to select the right platform and migrate without disruption, along with providing clear migration roadmaps to help protect your strategic IT investments.

Our goal: to help you migrate your software with the less risk and minimize anxiety. For more than 20 years, IBM has successfully executed many system migrations for clients who like our stable, long-term vision. You can read some of their stories here.

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