Intelligent Metering Network Management

Monitor and control your smart grid infrastructure

Today’s intelligent utility network is different from the communication infrastructure of the past. It is digital, high speed, two-way and increasingly populated with IP enabled distributed devices. There has been an explosion of new end points from expanding network coverage. The IBM Intelligent Metering Network Management solution helps utilities manage complex networks and IP enabled devices deployed to support smart grid and smart metering projects.

Manage complexity across a smart grid As utility companies deploy IP-enabled networks with smart meters and sensors on the grid, the integration of what were once separate IT, grid and communication networks drives the requirement for integrated network visibility, control and automation. Intelligent metering network management provides the capabilities to manage many linked devices with highly complex information and energy flows.

End-to-end service management IBM Intelligent Metering Network Management—part of the smart metering and beyond solution from IBM—provides an end-to-end service management approach with real-time monitoring of the wide variety of devices residing on the transmission and distribution networks. IBM Intelligent Metering Network Management delivers capabilities from IBM Tivoli® to monitor and manage the network:

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Utilities can use additional IBM software to integrate with and complement this offering

To help prevent outages and improve fault detection across the breadth of the intelligent utility network, IBM Intelligent Metering Network Management tools enable utility companies to create a ‘manager of managers’ by integrating service management for multiple devices and networks into a single network operations view. It is a highly scalable solution which is able to monitor millions of devices.

Utility companies can manage the end to end services level agreements for various projects including AMI, outage management system (OMS), meter data management system (MDMS), enterprise asset management (EAM) or distribution management system (DMS). But, you can create a comprehensive service management system one step at a time by integrating AMI, DMS, OMS, etc. systems as they are implemented.

A framework for success IBM Intelligent Metering Network Management is built on the IBM Solution Architecture for Energy and Utilities (SAFE) framework. The SAFE framework is a software that supports open and industry standards that help align technology with business objectives and offers industry accelerators to speed deployment of Intelligent Metering Network Management capabilities.

The IBM Intelligent Metering Network Management capabilities built on the IBM Solutions Architecture for Energy and Utilities (SAFE) framework can help you work smarter by focusing on value, using new opportunities and acting with speed. Gain better visibility, control and automation of your intelligent utility network with help from IBM.

To learn more about the IBM Intelligent Metering Network Management, please contact your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner.

Intelligent Metering Network Management v1.1

Brad Gammons (VP, IBM E&U Solutions and Sales) and Dave Bartlett (VP, Smarter Physical Infrastructure Solutions) with Jai Singh Arun

Intelligent Metering Network Management v1.1 @ Pulse 2012

Jai Arun (Product Management & Strategy Leader) and Mickey Nix (Executive Architect) with Mike Zelle