InterConnect 2012: Ten Hot Topics Spur Business Innovation

Service Management in Action

Business leaders today know that getting a better business outcome means innovating—both inside and outside company walls. They also know that IT, as the central service delivery platform of the organization, is the most promising way to pursue that innovation.

Within that broad consensus, however, there remain many difficult questions:

If you're looking for a fast, effective way to bring yourself up to speed on these topics, you can hardly do better than to attend IBM Interconnect 2012, to be held at Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore from October 9-11. This event packs an incredible diversity of content into two and a half days, complementing IBM's own solutions and insight with professional networking opportunities and from-the-trenches experiences of organizations around the world.

This event focuses directly on 10 of the most compelling points of business and IT intersection today, exploring how organizations can leverage technology to transform perceived opportunities into success outcomes. Attendees are invited to select any five topics based on their needs and business context. In this way, they can easily get IBM's best insights in exactly the areas that will yield the most benefit.

Reinventing business with cloud computing

"IBM PureSystems include pre-integrated patterns of configuration of critical resources such as storage and processing power, to simplify as much as possible the process of optimizing the cloud for a particular purpose."

Cloud architectures, for instance, are a particularly powerful way to optimize IT—and enjoy a superior outcome as a result. Because they leverage virtualization and automation at a deep level, allocating resources in real time to fulfill changing business workloads, clouds represent an incredible opportunity to drive up business agility.

And for the same reasons, operational costs and complexity typically fall tremendously; a cloud attends to everyday management tasks on its own, freeing IT for more strategic tasks like creating revenue-generating new services.

In this topic, attendees will get a chance to hear from Danny Sabbah—General Manager for IBM Tivoli—as well as other distinguished executive speakers. They'll discuss how IBM's SmartCloud offerings span multiple models for a tailored fit to the client's requirements. Also explored: the improved outcome many organizations in different industries have already experienced by utilizing SmartCloud solutions and services to become more responsive to customer interests and more cost-efficient in daily operations.

Changing the economics of IT with IBM PureSystems

Those who are interested in cloud for all of the above reasons still have a difficult question to answer: What's the simplest, fastest, best way to implement cloud?

For them, IBM's newly launched PureSystems solutions are bound to be attractive. These offerings conveniently bundle all the IBM hardware and software required for a best-in-class private cloud deployment into a single, tidy package—but also add many unique strengths available from no other vendor.

For instance, IBM PureSystems include pre-integrated patterns of configuration of critical resources such as storage and processing power, to simplify as much as possible the process of optimizing the cloud for a particular purpose. Similarly, patterns of virtual server combinations, drawn from IBM's long history of successful cloud engagements, are also included—automatically supporting typical configurations such as multi-tier services. Jim Stallings, General Manager of IBM, will be on hand to illustrate how IBM PureSystems accelerate service delivery, reduce costs, and simplify ongoing management.

Defending against cyber threats

Today's security story is more complex than ever. As malware becomes more sophisticated, for instance—automatically evolving to address defensive measures and released in multiple variations to escape detection—it becomes harder to eradicate, and the negative impact it creates is larger and lasts longer. Similarly, yesterday's curiosity-driven hackers have given way to criminal organizations motivated by profit, whose interest in defeating enterprise-class security measures is far more powerful and far better funded.

And, of course, studies have repeatedly shown that a huge percentage of security threats are internal, coming from privileged insiders who abuse their special access rights for personal gain or malice.

Brendan Hannigan—General Manager of IBM Security—will discuss how IBM solutions can help organizations integrate and enhance currently diverse security techniques and solutions, transparently track internal activity to ensure it falls inside security policies, and utilize advanced analytics to recognize and shut down a breach faster and more automatically than ever.

Transforming critical business processes

How do your strategies actually execute inside the organization?

This is an area where many organizations struggle, continuing to pursue legacy processes despite the fact that new technology offers a faster, simpler, more robust, and less costly implementation.

Marie Wieck, General Manager of Application and Integration Middleware for IBM, will show attendees how IBM can help them transform business processes by improving asset management across the full scope of the enterprise portfolio, empowering employees through advanced collaboration and automating wherever that makes good business sense—even on an incredibly large scale, such as an entire city.

Unlocking opportunities with Big Data analytics

All too often, we hear about data volumes as a threat to IT stability—and indeed, data volumes are rapidly scaling up, in greater numbers and from more sources than ever before. But what if instead of perceiving data as a threat, organizations perceived it as a resource—then tapped that resource for higher value, both to themselves and their customers?

This is the promise of big data: to help organizations more rapidly, accurately, and comprehensively understand the hidden trends and insights that are buried in today's data volumes, then create new strategies designed to leverage those trends for a superior outcome.

And toward that end, Deepak Advani, IBM's Vice President of Business Analytics Products and Solutions, will explore the way analytics have become a major area of investment for IBM going forward—as well as all the ways IBM clients are leveraging analytics for a faster, more effective response to a rapidly changing world.

Gaining competitive advantage through software innovation

New services are key to competitive innovation—but the software development process required for those services is often an area where organizations could stand considerable improvement.

While it's essential to roll out new services quickly, it's also essential to govern development in such a way as to make the final release candidates as bug-free, feature-complete, performance-optimized, and stable as possible.

IBM Rational General Manager Kristof Kloeckner will be on hand in Singapore to show attendees how IBM Rational solutions can help them accomplish exactly that. In particular, the IBM Rational development portfolio can help organizations collaborate better internally—addressing the complete lifecycle of applications and the services they support—in advanced architectures like clouds.

Creating exceptional customer experiences

One of the best ways to build the company brand, and experience a better business outcome, lies in understanding what your customers want—and determining how best you can give it to them.

Doing so, however, typically means developing customer relationships in new ways. It also means empowering your internal team to collaborate more effectively and naturally to support customer interests faster and more accurately, and yet without incurring unnecessary costs and risks along the way.

Turning a spotlight on these topics will be Craig Hayman, General Manager of IBM Industry Solutions, and Alistair Rennie, General Manager of IBM Collaboration Solutions. They'll address the new opportunities organizations have to improve the customer experience in all the ways customers value most—and leverage proven Web 2.0 models internally, to foster more seamless communication and more accelerated workflow.

Extending reach with the mobile enterprise

Mobile computing is among the hottest topics today in enterprise IT. As the workforce has increasingly adopted mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, it has also increasingly utilized them for business purposes—often in ways the organization didn't expect and hasn't adequately prepared for in advance.

Marie Wieck joins Phil Buckelew (Vice President of Enterprise Mobile for IBM) in exploring the many ramifications of mobile computing to the enterprise. Among other key points: how new strategies and solutions can tap the potential of mobile through advanced analytics and increased access to organizational data and services, while also addressing security complexities and minimizing management hassles.

Transforming IT for insight and efficiency through smarter storage

It's beyond question that storage is one of the foremost resources at any organization—and that storage is also, in a sense, a complex puzzle to solve.

As data volumes escalate, data repositories increase in number and nature, and entirely new classes of IT assets such as mobile devices complicate the storage picture, it's getting more and more crucial for organizations to develop a smart, forward-thinking storage strategy in response.

What IBM offers is a double value proposition—not just how to improve storage issues in a conventional sense (through features like comprehensive backup and archiving) but also how to get superior benefit from the storage you already have, instead of continually having to buy and deploy more and more.

For more insight into these topics, you'll want to hear from Brian Truskowski, IBM's General Manager for IBM System Storage and Networking, who will show you how IBM Storage solutions, services, and best practices can combine to help you get far more total business value from storage.

Enabling business growth with enterprise systems

Enterprise systems are the fundamental engine of business strategies—yet often, they aren't as well suited to business challenges as they should be. In particular, challenges such as data security, data delivery, and overall efficiency stand between them and the full realization of their potential.

Doug Balog and Colin Parris—both General Managers of IBM System and Technology Group—will discuss how enterprise systems represent a tremendous area of potential optimization, in which improvements can enhance nearly everything the organization does—as well as everything IBM offers to help.

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