Pulse Comes to You: Experience the Pulse Roadshow

Missed Pulse 2011? The greatest hits will soon be played near you.

Service Management in Action

Pulse 2011—the premier service management event of the year—was a smashing success. More than 7,000 attendees, from 70 countries, were on hand to learn how Integrated Service Management can help organizations deliver innovative services more securely, efficiently, and cost effectively.

If you didn't get a chance to go to Pulse, though, you can still catch up. Just attend Pulse Comes to You: a global roadshow offering some of the most pertinent and compelling sessions and presentations from Pulse.

For service management professionals around the world—in areas ranging from enterprise IT infrastructure to telecommunications service assurance to regulation compliance—this will be an invaluable chance to come up to speed on the latest developments. And it will be available in a wide variety of cities literally all over the world, including North America, Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Mideast.

Presentations will be led by IBM experts and executives as well as by service management leaders from a variety of industries. And while different events will offer different content, in every case the content will be drawn from the very best of Pulse 2011. It will illustrate just how IBM's vision of Integrated Service Management (YouTube, 00:03:21) can drive a better outcome for you, your clients and customers, and your business partners.

Keynotes on a wealth of hot topics

"If you didn't get a chance to go to Pulse, you can still catch up. Attend Pulse Comes to You: a global roadshow offering some of the most pertinent and compelling sessions and presentations from Pulse. For service management professionals around the world, this will be an invaluable chance to come up to speed on the latest developments."

Event keynotes delivered by IBM experts will vary from city to city (for specifics at any given city, visit the Pulse Comes to You site).

For every city, though, IBM has carefully selected keynote content that best addresses the needs of the local market, ensuring exceptional value for attendees. Possible keynotes include:

Unleashing Business Innovation with ISM

How can IT organizations hit service level targets and fulfill service management goals while still operating within target budgets?

One of the best ways to address that concern lies in making operations more efficient. At most organizations, IT operations require roughly two-thirds of the total budget, leaving only a third for IT development. Ideally, that ratio could be flipped—freeing more resources for new applications and services designed to meet emerging customer demand and enhance overall internal productivity. Making that happen will often require taking a close look at just how operations are carried out, then optimizing processes and solutions to increase efficiency (and cost-efficiency).

And in the pursuit of that goal, the IBM Tivoli portfolio—which delivers superior visibility, control, and automation for IT operations infrastructures—is perfectly suited. With the help of IBM Tivoli solutions, the IT operations side can be optimized to meet or exceed target service levels with a significantly smaller budget. And that means the organization can invest more in IT development, ultimately yielding the innovative services they need to get ahead in a tough business climate.

Today, IBM can help organizations integrate, automate, and transform their infrastructures in a variety of ways. Among the exciting options are cloud computing architectures, Integrated Service Management, workload-optimized systems, and federated data optimization.

As the world's infrastructure is becoming more instrumented, interconnected, and intelligent, many compelling new possibilities emerge—often, by linking previously isolated data pools to drive entirely new services. This presentation will also explore how IBM offers tailored solution packages aimed at meeting the specific service management needs of different industries.

Yesterday's point solutions aren't enough to cope with today's sophisticated and complex security threats, ranging from self-evolving malware to profit-driven criminal organizations. Instead, a proactive, end-to-end strategy is required to mitigate threats both known and unknown—including those that begin inside company walls. Fortunately, IBM offers a comprehensive, modular suite of leading solutions and services that can make that happen.

Just as technology and customer interests change year by year, so, too, must service management. In this presentation, you'll find out how service management has developed over the last year and how, going forward, IBM expects it to continue to evolve. Included will be a roadmap of change and suggested entry points for implementing that change.

If IT is ultimately an instrument of business strategies, it's critically important for organizations to be able to tune that instrument over time to yield a better business outcome. This presentation will turn the spotlight on how Integrated Service Management can accomplish exactly that by aggregating data, analyzing it against targets and thresholds, and then pursuing needed change—rapidly and accurately.

Informational sessions: A closer look at specific topics

In many cities, attendees will then get a chance to explore business and technological subjects in more detail.

And just as the keynotes have been handpicked for best value in each specific market, the informational session topics have been as well. Among the topics that will be explored over the course of the roadshow:

Service Management for the Data Center. Data centers are the beating heart of enterprise-class IT. What's the best way to refine them to deliver better service management? One approach: link IT development and IT operations to simplify and accelerate software rollout via cross-domain tools and information sharing. Additional benefits will stem from optimizing storage allocation; backing up and archiving data in more comprehensive, efficient, and cost-efficient ways; and managing data in a smarter, more automated fashion, such as via a storage cloud.

Enterprise Asset Management. In a tough economy, asset ROI takes on new importance. In these sessions, you'll hear about Maximo—IBM's flagship asset management solution family, which has been recently updated to version 7.5. You’ll also learn how this solution can help you better track asset status/configuration, and increase asset performance, over each asset's complete lifecycle. Additionally, smarter, more energy-efficient buildings will be discussed—as well as what IBM offers to create them.

Service Assurance for Service Providers. Few industries are as competitive as telecommunications, in which innovative services are king and yet the customer experience of those services can be difficult to track and quantify. Emerging developments in the field will be explored, including management complexities for the new breed of 4G LTE networks and the potential impact—both good and bad—of virtualization for service provider infrastructures.

Security and Compliance. As enterprises shift to proactive, end-to-end, domain-spanning security—often via service-oriented architectures (SOA)—they'll need to take many new concepts into account. One, for instance, is role management—how best to manage centralized user identities that will be leveraged in many different business contexts and across the complete infrastructure. Another is next-generation intrusion detection and prevention, to shut out the new generation of security threats by rapidly and accurately identifying network activity that falls outside approved boundaries.

Service Management Beyond the Data Center. While many think of data centers first and foremost when they imagine enterprise IT, the total infrastructure involves much more than that. One area that enterprises have historically not managed for optimum value is endpoints—and new IBM Tivoli solutions can dramatically improve that situation in areas ranging from energy consumption to patch management to security. Similarly, facilities can play a key role in determining how (and how well) services are delivered. By centralizing facilities management, and integrating it with IT where appropriate, organizations can achieve a more holistic command of assets, ideally yielding what IBM now refers to as Intelligent Buildings.

Smarter Computing. What's the leading edge of service delivery platforms? Cloud computing has certainly been the hottest IT subject in recent years, and for good reason; clouds empower organizations to allocate resources in a fluid, real-time fashion, to minimize waste and maximize service levels, all with reduced manual attention. And by federating data and analyzing it to yield actionable intelligence, organizations can often improve services in unexpected ways—or discover the need for new services that don't yet exist at all.

Additional value from Pulse Comes to You will stem from supplementary sessions. One example: The Integrated Service Management Community. Learn how you can join a rich, growing community of experts and interact with them via blogs, forums, wikis, and the ISM library.

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If this impressive range of topics discussed by experts and industry insiders weren’t enough, consider also the cost of attendance: $0.

That’s right—Pulse Comes to You events, replete with the latest insights on topics ranging from service management best practices to cloud computing, are free of charge. It’s hard to imagine getting better return on investment than that.

To attend, just check out IBM’s Pulse Comes to You website. There you’ll find specific details about the roadshow’s times and locations, as well as the content to be presented in each case. The registration process is a snap!

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