IBM Innovate 2013: Make Cloud-based DevOps
a Rainmaker

IBM Innovate 2013: Make Cloud-based DevOps a Rainmaker

Service Management in Action

Software-driven innovation is one of the most powerful strategies available to organizations today. If you want to get ahead in a competitive market, offering new, in-demand services faster than your competitors can, is a great way to go about it.

That said, it's critical that those services arrive as performance-optimized, feature-complete, and bug-free as possible. And given the incredible pace of change in this field, staying on top of the latest best practices, development methodologies, and delivery platforms is no simple feat.

That's why attending Innovate 2013, to be held in Orlando June 2-6, is on the radar of software practitioners and developers from around the globe. This event is expected to see attendance of more than 4600 software professionals—an impressive 25% increase, year over year—including some 1800 IBM clients and more than 750 IBM business partners. These numbers are clear evidence of just how powerful the case for software-based innovation is seen today.

And the educational experience those attendees will get, in a mere four days, will be similarly remarkable. Consider:

That means attendees will get far more than just an abstract walkthrough of technical capabilities. They'll also get real-world illustrations of what those capabilities really mean for up-and-running business services every day. And they'll get a chance to come up to speed on how best to improve the practices, predictability, and economics of software delivery—exactly the kind of from-the-trenches insights required to ensure innovation delivers the highest possible ROI.

Ten sessions on the increasing importance of cloud

One of the most exciting IT developments of recent years, of course, is cloud computing—and the power of cloud extends far beyond IT operations into IT development as well. Today it is possible to leverage a hyper-agile, hyper-efficient cloud architecture for every phase of application development, cradle-to-grave: initial builds, testing and debugging, deployment into production, and continuous monitoring and optimization to drive subsequent revisions until retirement.

"Just as clouds are increasingly seen as a great way to build, test, deploy, and manage innovative IT services, so, too, is improving the links between development and operations increasingly seen as a great business strategy. The more insight each of these two teams has into the context, challenges, and capabilities of the other, the more value IT services will ultimately deliver to the host organization."

At Innovate, in fact, IBM's own Moe Abdula will be on hand to discuss exactly that, in a Cloud/Dev-Ops keynote address. He will explore what it means for organizations as they shift their approach from separate development and operations domains into a more integrated, unified approach in which the focus is on services and service management per se—and how cloud makes that possible in entirely new ways. This is particularly the case when a cloud is based on open standards, and when IT development and IT operations management solutions are integrated, based on those standards, to provide both groups with information that historically hasn't been available across domains.

There will also be 10 technical sessions on cloud, in which IBM Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure content will play an important part. For instance, "Planning and Executing a Migration to Cloud," to be delivered by Robbie Minshall and Brandon Brockaway of IBM, will explore how getting the best utilization from a cloud environment means carefully thinking through that shift, to minimize the potential business impact and maximize the cloud's strengths.

And the crucial contribution of open standards to development-in-cloud strategies will also be explored in some detail. The presentation "OpenStack Value to Cloud" will focus specifically on OpenStack—an open-source juggernaut, with support from hundreds of IT vendors, that empowers cloud development using completely standard hardware and maximizes application portability across clouds.

Finally, "Deploy Cloud Applications Using IBM SmartCloud Services," delivered by IBM's Joachim Frank, will discuss the rapidly growing IBM SmartCloud portfolio and everything it offers to manage applications to their best effect. And that's a long list indeed, ranging from virtual server provisioning to cloud asset monitoring to granular cost-tracking and metering. It even includes service desk capabilities that can relay user-reported problems with new applications to development teams, who can leverage that information to create any necessary fix—fast.

Ten sessions on unifying development and operations teams and architectures

Maximizing the value of innovative services means optimally fulfilling every stage of the unified DevOps lifecycle: building applications, testing them thoroughly, deploying them into production, and continuously monitoring their performance against business targets.

Making that happen, however, typically involves rising to many challenges—but also, when possible, taking advantage of new opportunities like cloud that can serve as an environment to drive all four of those stages. And new insights about both the challenges and opportunities of optimized DevOps are emerging every day.

That's why there will also be 10 sessions on hot DevOps topics at Innovate 2013. One of almost certain interest to all attendees: "IBM DevOps Review and Roadmap," presented by Daniel Berg of IBM. This will discuss everything IBM has been doing in recent years to unify development and operations, illustrate the lessons learned and new capabilities delivered, and then turn the spotlight on the immediate future—and all the ways IBM means to build on those capabilities, to help organizations achieve truly comprehensive and optimized application lifecycle management.

Similarly appealing: "Improve Quality and Speed of Development with Cloud-based DevOps." This presentation, offered by IBM's William Sherman, will reveal how cloud computing isn't just a more agile and cost-effective DevOps platform—it's also a faster one. And when new, high-quality, feature-complete applications can be brought to market faster, they will also generate more competitive distinction, more internal productivity, more customer satisfaction, and ultimately, more total business value over time.

If that sounds a little abstract and you'd like to see how such ideas translate into real-world outcomes, you can get those, too, via "Field Experiences with IBM DevOps Solutions." Here, John Liu and Paul Bahrs of IBM will discuss some of the ways that IBM's unified, cross-domain approach to developing and managing innovative applications and services has led to clear, quantified improvement in areas like ROI, time to value, and time to market.

Five pedestals and a guest speaker with unquestioned expertise in innovation

For those who'd like to see for themselves via demos how IBM DevOps capabilities work, five pedestals will be offered in the Solution Center:

Finally, all attendees will doubtlessly enjoy a talk to be given by Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder—whose more than 40 years’ experience in engineering and development has provided enormous perspective on the business value that customer-centric innovation can deliver.

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