IBM PureSystems: An Ideal Service Management Platform

IBM PureSystems: An Ideal Service Management Platform

Service Management in Action

The recently launched IBM PureSystems are some of the most compelling offerings in cloud computing available today. And for clients who choose to augment them with IBM Tivoli service management capabilities, the PureSystems story gets more compelling yet.

What is the PureSystems launch all about? Put simply: expert integrated solutions for deploying and managing private clouds rapidly, easily, and cost-effectively.

The business potential of cloud computing is certainly well understood. The specific implementation of private clouds, however, has often represented a stumbling block for interested organizations. Given the dizzying array of choices in areas ranging from processor architecture to operating systems to middleware to virtualization, it's not as easy as it might be to build a private cloud that’s truly tailored for workload fulfillment.

PureSystems solve that problem by combining the best elements of IBM's portfolio in the best ways—that is, by integrating IBM's deep and proven expertise in cloud computing with its own broad range of cloud solutions.

Thanks to fully integrated, best-in-class virtualization, network management, and storage management capabilities not available in other prepackaged cloud solutions, PureSystems make workload-optimized private clouds an up-and-running reality—fast.

But what does "optimized" really mean in this context? Try these figures on for size:

The numbers make it clear: If you're looking for a private cloud solution that takes full advantage of both the best available technology and the best practices in cloud configuration and management, you simply can't do better than IBM PureSystems.

But if you're looking to obtain even more value from PureSystems over time, arguably the best way to do it is to integrate service management into it as well. And in that department, the IBM Tivoli service management portfolio offers a complete range of capabilities—all of which are built on open standards, to integrate seamlessly both with PureSystems and third-party offerings you may have.

The enhanced visibility, control, and automation that Tivoli solutions have brought to conventional and virtualized IT infrastructures for years, in organizations of every size and in every industry, will apply just as naturally to PureSystems.

Consolidate: Bring it all together

"Via Tivoli solutions, it becomes much easier to visualize and orchestrate capacity management—ensuring that PureSystems services always have the resources they require going forward, and keeping them highly available and responsive, all in a centralized instead of silo-centric manner."

PureSystems, of course, already offer impressive consolidation potential. They allow organizations to capture expertise in management more easily, and also unify that management despite the fact that management functions may involve diverse technical resources from CPU power to storage to networking.

Via Tivoli solutions, PureSystems consolidation capabilities become both augmented considerably in those areas and extended into new areas. For instance, consider how storage can be improved. Via Tivoli solutions, it becomes much easier to visualize and orchestrate capacity management—ensuring that PureSystems services always have the resources they require going forward, and keeping them highly available and responsive, all in a centralized instead of silo-centric manner.

Data protection is also much more easily achieved across all PureSystems services, because Tivoli solutions can back up and archive all data, everywhere it resides, regardless of the specific environment or IT domain—including physical, virtual, and remote workloads.

And in the case of IBM PureApplication System, which includes leading IBM application server and database technology, Tivoli solutions can help you consolidate application management and optimization as well. Storage-hungry applications, such as databases that are continually expanding, will perform better thanks to the fact that storage and data recovery management are consolidated. Application performance can also be measured, then improved, in a central way via IBM Tivoli offerings—a clear illustration of what IBM means by enhanced visibility and control.

Optimize: Bake intelligence right into your infrastructure

Truly smart computing, of course, is more than just consolidated—it's also optimized, often via automation, to ensure that service level targets are met and that business strategies are best fulfilled.

This, too, is a proven strength of the Tivoli portfolio, and it's one that translates very well to PureSystems-hosted services of all kinds.

For a clear example, consider the case of virtual servers—the building blocks of modern virtualized services, whether in a cloud context or not. Optimizing service performance really means, in part, optimizing the complete lifecycle of virtual servers.

As new services are required, new virtual servers are created; each must be populated appropriately with the right software stack (operating system, middleware, data, and all other necessary elements). And despite this dynamic creation process, which leads to an ever-changing number of virtual servers, each one must then be monitored and maintained to ensure that the services it supports perform as expected.

IBM Tivoli solutions offer an impressive range of capabilities that deliver exactly that. Among others, for instance, is comprehensive image management; using Tivoli solutions, you can create a base library of virtual server images, then create policies that will automatically use those images to populate the right virtual servers in the right ways. High-speed provisioning capabilities mean that those new servers will automatically be created and brought into production swiftly. And over time, virtual server performance and availability can also be increased thanks to advanced, non-disruptive protection capabilities. Should a virtual server fail, it can automatically be recovered to bring the associated services back up—thus minimizing the impact on team member productivity (for internal services) and customers (for external services).

Additional power to optimize is apparent in the case of security concerns like access and permission management. Security is among the leading worries for organizations considering a cloud deployment; how best should it be applied, and integrated, to span all the services the cloud will host, in accordance with security policies as well as the terms of government regulations?

Fortunately, IBM Tivoli solutions provide a complete array of access management and federated identity management features that apply perfectly to any cloud context—and certainly to services running on PureSystems. Because Tivoli security is centralized, it can be managed in a single way for much faster configuration changes and more comprehensive results: holistic security, orchestrated from one point of control.

Accelerate Cloud: Fulfill core functions faster

A fourth area where Tivoli solutions can really enhance the value of PureSystems: cloud acceleration.

For a cloud to fulfill its full business potential, in which the focus is not on technical details but business services, it must be automated at an exceptionally deep level. That means various functions, from new server creation to storage allocation to asset monitoring, will all need to be orchestrated automatically by the cloud itself—not by IT.

Tivoli solutions can help achieve that goal. Just as each individual function uses its own policies to carry out tasks automatically, the overall lifecycle of the entire service, spanning all functions, can also be automated and policy-driven—given the right Tivoli offerings are deployed.

That means a PureSystems-based cloud is a remarkably autonomous service delivery platform, one that allows the organization to zero in on its specific core competency instead of endlessly managing a complex IT infrastructure.

Cost insights and controls are also far more quickly and comprehensively managed when Tivoli solutions are combined with PureSystems. How would you like to understand emerging costs in any area, and at any level of granularity—ranging from the costs of applications or services to specific business projects, teams, or domain-spanning initiatives?

Exactly that goal can be achieved. And given that rapid and accurate insight into how costs are generated, your organization will be able to reduce costs over time, making the investment in IBM PureSystems one that delivers a higher and higher ROI the longer it's used to deliver business services.

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