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Impact 2012 will be the premier conference for business and IT leadership. And given the current rapid pace of change in both categories, attending this event will pay ample dividends.

If you're a business executive who thinks of IT as a means to execute your strategies, you'll benefit from a much clearer understanding of what IT innovation really is capable of delivering today—and what kind of business benefits that will mean for your bottom line tomorrow.

And if you're an IT leader, Impact 2012 will boast a blockbuster set of announcements from IBM concerning some of the most promising and compelling technology categories today.

Additionally, the Product Technology Center is expected to be a hot attraction. Here, you can get answers on any questions you may have concerning IBM's incredible suite of IT solutions—as well as take many of them for a test-drive, and discuss design and implementation with the IBM development teams that brought them to market.

The expected 9,000 attendees will also collectively benefit from the 500+ sessions on areas ranging from business process management to IBM's WebSphere family to service-oriented architecture (SOA). Add to that the chance to mix and mingle with their professional peers, building new connections, and possibly even opening the door to new business opportunities, and you can see why Impact 2012 will be a must-attend event.

Compelling sessions explore the IBM value proposition

"As IT service delivery architectures have become more advanced and automated, the need for smart new solutions that focus on this area has increased in proportion. And at Impact 2012, you'll find out exactly how IBM is responding."

Two sessions in particular should be of interest to almost all attendees, regardless of their specific focus or organizational challenges.

The first, "Optimizing the World's Infrastructure," will be delivered by Jamie Thomas, IBM's Vice President of Strategy and Development for IBM Tivoli. You can see from the title of this session just how comprehensive IBM's perspective is; what you may not realize is that the IBM Tivoli portfolio backs up that perspective with a similarly comprehensive range of the capabilities you need to achieve superior visibility, control, and automation in your business operations.

Thomas will walk listeners through that portfolio, touching on recent IBM innovations that reflect the emerging needs and interests of IBM customers today. As organizations strive to create a competitive distinction—really standing out from the pack by delivering top-tier, in-demand services—IBM is empowering them by helping them drive up service performance and availability and drive down business costs and risks. Also discussed will be particular case studies in which IBM clients have already achieved some of these goals, becoming more agile both in creating new business strategies and in executing them via the IT infrastructure.

Additionally, the “Birds of a Feather” session, delivered by Aaron Tobin, IBM Tivoli Product Manager, will discuss IBM’s direction and plan for an open beta for a new Tivoli solution. While the specifics of this session can't be revealed just yet, it will involve, in a general sense, Business Process Management (BPM)—an area of high priority right now for many organizations—and how, by tracking and optimizing IT infrastructure performance in a business-savvy manner, business processes and BPM can both be optimized as well.

As IT service delivery architectures have become more advanced and automated, the need for smart new solutions that focus on this area has increased in proportion. And at Impact 2012, you'll find out exactly how IBM is responding.

Additional sessions will address topics including:

These are some of the most prominent topics in IT today, and for good reason—they can really help organizations change the game, moving from IT as a mere participant in the pursuit of business strategies to a much more active, collaborative, and optimized role.

Change the game—in three different ways

The overarching theme of "changing the game" is also evident in the sequence of sessions IBM has created for the event.

Day one, for instance, will largely concern the impact of technology on business leaders. At this time, you'll learn more about IBM's strategy to bring IT and business perspectives into tighter, more synchronized, more natural integration than ever before, making the organization more agile, efficient, and cost-efficient as a result.

Day two will address the impact of technology on customers and end users—an area of equal significance moving forward. Ultimately, business success comes down to how well organizations deliver the services in highest demand (whether to internal team members or external customers). Making that happen: advances in personalization, in which services increasingly reflect the specific context of each person using them.

Toward that end, cloud architectures are an ideal service delivery platform. And accessing those services through innovative mobile solutions is a natural fit for today's increasingly mobile user.

Day three will focus directly on innovation in a particularly crucial area: the impact of technology on IT teams and developers. The better organizations actually create and deliver new services, the better the business outcome those services will deliver... but all too often, operations and development teams work in separate worlds, each not fully cognizant of what the other is doing. IBM can help you integrate these teams far more effectively, thus delivering new services faster, at lower cost, and with lower odds of an unfortunate application rollback.

Come up to speed on IBM's latest

Finally, Impact 2012 will also give you a chance to inform yourself on major new IBM offerings.

One such: IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices, the focus of an IBM pedestal in the expo hall, which brings IBM's industry-leading endpoint management capabilities to the realm of mobile solutions from vendors including Apple, Nokia, Microsoft, and Google.

Via this offering, you’ll also get the power to create an enterprise application store, through which users can obtain new apps at will, and from which your organization can push out new app versions automatically to users who approve.

Once this store is up and running, your team members will get exceptionally convenient access to key organizational services and resources, while IT will find it much easier to improve organizational security and regulation compliance even for mobile devices.

Also notable: the IBM SmartCloud foundation. Organizations looking to deploy a private cloud for exceptionally efficient, resource-optimized, automated service delivery will find that SmartCloud offers both top-tier performance and an incredibly fast deployment time. And now, thanks to recent additions to the SmartCloud portfolio, you can also track and monitor the services executing in that private cloud in a role-specific, intuitive fashion—even from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

IBM’s cloud leadership will also be evident in its participation in the event’s Cloud Zone. IBM zone leader Andrea Bortolin Nery will discuss how IBM can help organizations leverage cloud architectures for more business value in many different ways, including cloud-enabled data centers, cloud platform services, cloud service providers, and cloud standards. Also explored: the connection between cloud models/architectures and related topics like mobile enterprise capabilities and expert integrated systems.

Lastly, of course, there is also the innovative new offering to be discussed at length in Aaron Tobin's presentation. As with IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices, this new solution will be the special focus of an expo hall pedestal.

For any more specific information on that subject, though, you'll have to attend the event in person. Register today!

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