Pulse 2012: A View into the Future of Innovation

Pulse 2012: A View into the Future of Innovation

Service Management in Action.

Economic complexities and technological innovation are two trends that will certainly continue in 2012. How prepared is your organization to handle the first—and take full advantage of the second?

If you're looking for clear guidance in both areas, Pulse 2012—IBM's premiere service management event—is arguably the best opportunity available. This event, to be held at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas from March 4-7, will be a blockbuster: turning a spotlight on emerging business challenges, how service management can help you address them for a better outcome, and the extensive role that IT infrastructures can play in that process.

Consider, for instance, cloud computing. Clouds are spectacularly efficient service delivery platforms, offering scalable, robust performance and stunning potential cost reductions. But is your organization really leveraging clouds to best effect? And if not, where can you turn for expert insight?

Pulse 2012 will be a great place to get answers to such questions. The expected 7,000 attendees will get a chance to hear the latest on cloud developments from both IBM and IBM's extensive list of partners and clients—including technology demos, sneak peeks at future solutions, and product roadmaps.

Furthermore, cloud computing will be only one of many major themes of direct significance to service management today. Among others:

Star speakers will focus on some of the most compelling IT topics today

Beyond hundreds of in-depth sessions on these and other topics, though, Pulse will also explore them in another way: via session speeches given by leading lights.

IBM is more than just a leading provider of IT solutions—it's also a thought leader, contributing to best practices frameworks and helping steer the evolution of IT going back many decades.

And at Pulse 2012, a number of exceptionally well-known session speakers will be on hand to explore some of the most exciting, promising IT developments today.

"By aggregating and analyzing data on a mass scale, particularly data pertaining to customer interests and activity, organizations can more quickly and more completely understand how the market is changing, what customers want, and how they should respond via new strategies."

Cloud computing: Business 2.0

Want an example? Consider Danny Sabbah, general manager of IBM Tivoli, who will deliver a talk titled "Rethink IT, Reinvent Business with Cloud Computing." Given the impressive inroads that cloud architectures have made in business service delivery, this will be a particularly timely and valuable speech.

The Tivoli value proposition has always revolved around enhanced visibility (seeing the business), control (making changes to business operations), and automation (making those operations as fast, low-cost, and consistent as possible). And now, via cloud implementation, that argument just gets stronger than ever—if organizations implement and integrate clouds in smart ways that align closely with their business and IT contexts.

In Sabbah's speech, he'll discuss what some of those ways are, based on IBM's extensive recent history of successful cloud engagements, and some of the lessons that have been learned as a result. He'll also explore IBM's compelling new SmartCloud initiative, which helps organizations implement clouds more quickly, more easily, and to greater business effect than ever before by accelerating key functions like virtual server provisioning and asset monitoring.

Finally, tying the speech to the overarching theme of the event, Sabbah will explore service management in a cloud context, illustrating the power of metrics-driven analytics to ensure a cloud rollout is delivering the intended value both for an organization and its customers.

Optimized infrastructures—on a really large scale

The tagline for Pulse 2012 is "optimizing the world's infrastructure"—a weighty promise indeed. On hand to fulfill it will be Jamie Thomas, Vice President of Strategy and Development for IBM Tivoli, with a talk titled "A Roadmap for Optimizing the World's Infrastructure."

What's meant by "the world's infrastructure?" In this context, IBM refers to the sum total of infrastructure used to deliver key services of all kinds, in all industries around the world—both within and across organizations. Seen from this holistic vantage point, IBM has suggested for years that the planet's infrastructure is getting smarter. And with a smarter planet come many engaging possibilities.

In her speech, Thomas will explore both those possibilities and the ways IBM has recently made strides toward fulfilling them. Thanks to a number of high-profile acquisitions, as well as many compelling innovations and developments, IBM is in a unique position to drive progress—accelerating key tasks used to deliver services, for instance, and introducing completely new capabilities that would have been impossible only a few years ago.

IBM's future roadmap for these areas will also be explored and bolstered with client videos to demonstrate IBM's commitment to creating value as customers require it.

Smarter Computing: What it means to you

If that kind of optimization interests you, the specifics of how it can be achieved in real-world scenarios should interest you as well. Toward that end, IBM Senior Vice President Steve Mills will deliver a talk titled "Best Practices in Smarter Computing" that will turn a magnifying glass on how technology is changing—and how best practices are changing in parallel.

Consider, for example, the hot topic of business analytics—an opportunity to turn massive data volumes from a problem into a resource. By aggregating and analyzing data on a mass scale, particularly data pertaining to customer interests and activity, organizations can more quickly and more completely understand how the market is changing, what customers want, and how they should respond via new strategies.

Similarly, there is tremendous opportunity for organizations to make IT infrastructures more efficient via tuned workloads running on optimized systems. Instead of simply leveraging one-size-fits-all, general-purpose computational platforms, a better business outcome can often be realized by fulfilling workloads with hardware and software specifically tailored for them.

Mills' talk will discuss IBM's industry-leading portfolio of software and hardware—an incredibly rich range of choices, based on open standards, that can be combined and integrated to meet the needs of almost any organization. He'll also tackle the thorny question of how, given all this innovation, best practices must change to reflect new insight from both business and IT standpoints.

Get insight into, and control over, your most complex challenges

What are the leading changes taking place in IT infrastructures today—and what opportunities do organizations have to leverage those changes for best business value?

That's the subject of "Achieving Visibility, Control, and Automation on a Smarter Planet," a talk to be given by Robert Leblanc, Senior Vice President of IBM's Software Middleware Group. And for many in attendance, it couldn't be delivered at a better time.

The trend toward mobility, for example, shows no sign of slowing down; as mobile devices become more and more capable, they also become more and more appealing platforms to link team members and foster collaboration without geographical boundaries as a concern. At the same time, though, care must be taken to ensure that new risks are acknowledged and mitigated—among them, in the case of mobile infrastructures, security risks and the risk of noncompliance with government regulations pertaining to sensitive data.

More generally, business agility has become both a hot topic and an open question for organizations today. For instance, the faster you can track IT performance issues to root causes and restore target service levels, the better the experience your customers will get (from external services) and the more productive your employees will be (using internal services). But as IT infrastructures have become more complex and sophisticated, achieving that kind of rapid response has become more difficult.

Leblanc's talk will focus on just how IBM can help organizations address such issues—maximizing business agility and service uptime, and minimizing costs and complexity through enhanced visibility, control, and automation.

IBM Watson: World-class pattern recognition, leveraged for creative business value

IBM's ongoing commitment to customer-centric innovation will be on display in the talk "Putting IBM Watson to Work," to be delivered by Manoj Saxena, General Manager of IBM Watson.

Watson made headlines in 2011 by defeating, in real time, some of the most capable and successful competitors from the game show Jeopardy—but that was only a start. Watson's tremendous potential to create new value through natural language comprehension and deep analytics will increasingly be explored in the months and years to come.

Watson is already utilized by a major insurance provider to help approve insurance coverage and establish patterns in healthcare. For instance, Watson can determine that an outbreak of flu-like symptoms has occurred in a given area at the same time as an outbreak of airborne allergens. In this way, it can spot patterns that might not occur to individual doctors, informing them of the possibility of an alternate diagnosis that might apply to a given patient, as well as cross-correlating for coverage under the patient's insurance plan.

Going forward, Watson's extensive capabilities will be applied to entirely new areas—and at Pulse 2012, Saxena will be on hand to discuss some of them. If, for instance, IBM should turn out to have plans to leverage Watson in a cloud computing context to help detect, isolate, and resolve IT service performance problems occurring in a cloud, don't be surprised.

Take a bite out of Apple's success

Attendees will also get a chance to hear from Steve Wozniak—co-founder of Apple Computer and creator of its first product, the Apple I. On Wednesday, March 7, Wozniak will be interviewed by Grady Booch to share his unique perspective on how business and transformative technology have changed over the years, and where in his opinion they’re headed going forward.

Finally, it’s definitely worth noting that Pulse Palooza—IBM’s annual networking event—will be featuring a top-tier act this year: Maroon 5. The band will be performing Tuesday night, March 6 at the MGM Grand’s Garden Arena.

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