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Make no mistake about it—there is a direct correlation between your storage environment and the performance of your business. As your organization has become more reliant on information, your storage resources have become the backbone of your on demand operating environment.

Responsiveness, focus, resilience, flexibility, and profitability are the hallmarks of a healthy organization that is supported by an on demand operating environment enabled by process integration, reduced cycle times, collaboration, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. All of these variables are influenced by the quality, availability and timeliness of information.

The performance and availability of your storage environment will either enhance or hamper the impact of these variables. And, as your on demand operating environment becomes even more in demand, the importance and reliability of your storage infrastructure increases exponentially.

Demanding more from your on demand storage environment

The increasing complexity of IT environments, coupled with our volatile economic climate, has forced many to consider ways in which to consolidate IT infrastructure and resources. The need to simplify is driven by promised gains in productivity, efficiency, user satisfaction and ROI.

With hardware costs having decreased just as the need for storage has increased, customers have met the challenge by throwing more hardware at the problem. The increasing need for storage has led to the further complication and expansion of the IT infrastructure and an increased administrative burden on already overtaxed IT staff. Resisting the temptation to create a more expansive storage environment requires storage consolidation, which is essential for achieving real-time competitiveness at the enterprise level.

Building an on demand storage environment

Creating a more efficient storage infrastructure will yield substantial gains in IT productivity, enable new capabilities for information use, and facilitate real-time, on demand competitiveness. The cost savings and service quality gains from consolidation of, and investment in, your storage infrastructure represent a compelling value proposition.

Tivoli Storage Management solutions increase storage efficiency and security by providing you with holistic, automated management of your storage infrastructure, reducing administrative burdens and improving your ongoing cost reduction efforts.

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