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Data Center Automation – Automate to evolve your business

IT Departments are under constant pressure to deliver more with less, and to align with the business to deliver customer value. The Data Center is viewed as a strategic resource expected to deliver innovative services that provides differentiation and gives the company a competitive business edge.

The quality of services is key to a company’s operations, have a direct impact on customer satisfaction, and on its profitability and success.

Reality is that many IT resources are spent correcting problems introduced by changes in the infrastructure caused by undocumented processes and human errors. Skilled resources are tied up executing repetitive, mundane tasks instead of creating innovative new services.

IBM Data Center Automation lets you Configure, Secure and Optimize your Data Center.

By Automating the critical tasks to manage your Virtual and Physical infrastructure of Server, Storage, Network and SW resources it provides a Responsive, Reliable, and Efficient platform for the delivery of critical business services.

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