IBM Service Management Simulator (ITILV3)

There is more to life than reading and talking about what to do: There comes the point where – if you are really to understand it – then you have to try it for yourself.

Well, now you can!

If you are thinking about or engaged with Service Management, IT processes, or systems management automation initiatives – then the IBM Service Management Simulation Workshop (ITIL®V3) is the ultimate role playing experience for you!

What is it?

The IBM Service Management Simulator Workshop is a hands-on simulation game . Players are given first-hand experience running a fictional logistics organization which is faced with business and IT challenges that need to be resolved.

The game reinforces the position of Service Management as a fundamental basis for most organizations – without the internal supporting services, the end customers will not get the service they pay for, and the whole company suffers.

This is an interactive learning experience – a hands-on way of understanding key service management concepts and fundamental issues that affect a business everyday.

Who can benefit?

Anyone who needs a better understanding, or understanding from a different perspective, of how IT relates to business, how the effectiveness of IT processes impacts the business, and how customers dealing with day-today operations are affected by IT outages, changes, and upgrades. It is most effective as a change agent with attendees from both IT and business, from C-level and down.


How does the simulation work?

During this workshop you will strive to improve a fictional shipping company’s profitability. During three rounds of 90 minute “play”, you will assume a functional position in the company and work to implement ITIL® V 3 best practice processes, see how other areas of the company are impacted by different situations, and review the results and learning points.

Players are assigned roles supporting an aspect of the business. These groups include senior management, line of business owners, operations management, service desk personnel, and technical support services.

During each round, business services are “broken” and it then becomes the responsibility of the collective group to correct each outage in order to restore those services to the business. Keeping business services available ensures maximum revenue for “your” business.

What are you waiting for?

Contact your local IBM representative or click on the Contact us button to get information on where the next complimentary IBM Service Management Simulator is being hosted, or how to schedule a Simulator Workshop at your site for your organization!

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