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IBM Helps You Go Green
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Data centers can consume a considerable amount of energy used in the world. And data centers continue to grow in order to serve emerging web services, such as Voice over IP, and file- and video-sharing Web sites.

Analyst firm IDC identifies 2010 as the year the cost of power could overtake the investment in servers¹ .

According to Gartner the cost of energy is quickly becoming a major part of the IT budget. “Today, energy costs typically form less than 10 percent of an overall IT budget. However, this could rise to more than 50 percent in the next few years”, says Rakesh Kumar, research vice president at Gartner².

Tivoli Provisioning Manager (TPM) can play an important role in helping IT organizations manage power consumption. The automated provisioning capability built in to Tivoli Provisioning Manager can be used to place servers in standby mode when they are not needed. Servers can automatically be restored to active mode when they are needed again.

As IT systems are often designed with excess capacity to handle peak loads, servers are often underutilized. TPM in conjunction with Tivoli Intelligent Orchestrator (TIO) can dynamically consolidate workload onto a smaller number of servers while placing the unused servers in standby mode. Such workload consolidation is enabled by virtualization technologies and can be triggered based on a schedule or by tracking the actual usage/workload of servers. Again as the workload increases, additional servers can be restored to active mode and workload can be rebalanced across a larger number of servers to ensure required response times.

¹ IDC Presentation, The Impact of Power and Cooling on Data Center Infrastructure, Doc #201722, May 2006

² Gartner Press Release, Gartner Urges IT and Business Leaders to Wake up to IT’s Energy Crisis, September 28, 2006

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