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Integrated Service Management for Cloud Service Providers. The most scalable, extensible, carrier-grade integrated cloud service management solution in the market

Integrated Service Management for Cloud Service Providers. Click to enlarge IBM Integrated Service Management for Cloud Service Providers solution gives Communications Service Provider companies the comprehensive platform they need to rapidly and cost-effectively deliver, manage and secure a new generation of cloud-based applications and services. The cloud can be private, enabling internal services to the company itself; public, providing external services to its customers; or a hybrid, delivering a cloud environment to customers that they can use internally and to offer their own external services. (click to enlarge)

With a cloud-based environment, Communications Service Provider companies can enhance internal processes and operations with the higher server utilization rates, simplified management and lower costs enabled by virtualization, automation and service management software.

Communications Service Provider companies also can position themselves to become the providers of choice not only for individual and business users but also for application developers and others in the mobile device and application marketplace. That’s because cloud computing enables the company to offer services based on its full infrastructure. An application developer, for example, likely will need to utilize more than just a provider’s servers. The developer will need storage, provisioning, billing—all capabilities that a Communications Service Provider can offer, in the secure, consistent and available manner that the marketplace demands

IBM Integrated Service Management for Cloud Service Providers is built upon around a core Service Automation and Management component -- software and technology services solution that creates the cloud-based environment. It supports service management capabilities in a secure, multi-customer, highly scalable, carrier-grade environment. Each Communications Service Provider company can customize the solution to its own particular needs.

Beyond the core, IBM’s Integrated Service Management for Cloud Service Providers makes available four extensions—network management, security management, storage management, and advanced monitoring and service level management—that enables a comprehensive management offering.

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