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IBM Cloud Service Provider Platform

Do Cloud Smarter. Do Cloud Faster. Enable your evolution.


Communications service providers (CSPs) around the world are looking for smarter ways of doing business. They are being challenged to transform the way services are created, managed, and delivered. Now, largely driven by cloud computing, network and IT are converging and together, play an increasingly vital role in this new on-demand services evolution.

At IBM, we believe no one understands service convergence and network-delivered services better than communications service providers, so we believe no one is better positioned to succeed with cloud services. Communications providers who act quickly and boldly will be well positioned to win in this new environment.

For CSPs, cloud means thinking about a better way to meet customer needs for diverse services while differentiating your brand and driving growth. It also means thinking about providing simple, secure, and high-quality user experiences in which applications, content, IT resources and network enablers all come together to create new value with better cost control.

The IBM Cloud Service Provider Platform helps communications service providers accelerate and simplify the deployment of a complete cloud services environment. It expedites the launch of new cloud-based services enabling communications service providers to quickly and cost-effectively create, manage and monetize public and private cloud services.

IBM’s Cloud Service Provider Platform can help enable your organization’s evolution to Cloud Service Provider and empower you to develop and deliver innovative cloud services, drive profitable revenue growth, optimize your customers’ experiences, and differentiate your brand. Learn more by accessing the materials below.

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