Case Studies

Most Recent Client Success Stories

Most Recent Client Success Stories

The Swedish Transport Administration

7/25/2013 - Reduces the number of unplanned maintenance-related outages and improves the availability of the public transportation infrastructure

Asset Management, Cloud & Service Management, Service Management, Smarter Planet

Rizal Commercial Banking Corp.

7/22/2013 - RCBC reduced new product launch times by 50 percent and increased its readiness to effectively compete in the marketplace, moving two to three years ahead of its competition.

System z Software

Golden Eagle Retail Group

7/16/2013 - Enables Golden Eagle Retail Group to rapidly identify the most popular products with VIP customers in each region using real-time customer demand forecasts, and adjust its supplier contracts to ensure that stock is rapidly available to meet demand. Predicted to help drive increased VIP customer sales and reduce the threat of losing sales to competitors. Facilitates future business expansion by automating 80 percent of the group\'s financial processes.

Enabling Business Flexibility, Enterprise Resource Planning, Information Management Foundation, Transforming Business, Virtualization, Virtualization - Server, Co-opetition

Cash America International, Inc.

7/11/2013 - The company decreased backup times by 40 percent, managing an average of 15 percent annual data growth without adding staff.

Storage Management

The University of Massachusetts - Amherst

6/28/2013 - The TRIRIGA system increases efficiency across space-use data collection and reporting processes, providing decision makers with a single source for current and reliable data and floor plans.

Facilities Management

Career Education Corporation

6/5/2013 - By replacing manual patching, testing, deploying and remediating processes for more than 20,000 endpoints, CEC gained the visibility and control necessary to ensure software and security compliance.

Endpoint Management

Siemens Mobility Services

6/5/2013 - Predictive maintenance reduces costs and out-of-service time significantly. Standardization cuts costs of implementing and operating customer maintenance systems by around 30 percent. IBM Maximo Asset Management prescribes individual maintenance intervals using data from sensors in the rail systems, helping Siemens to avoid accidents by identifying potential dangers early on. This helps Siemens to cut costs (for both itself and its customers) and increase availability at the same time.

Asset Management, Information Integration, Managing Risk, Smarter Planet

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas

5/31/2013 - IBM ensured rapid and smooth migration; reductions in annual software fees helped to lower IT operational costs; IBM solutions offer the same functionality at lower cost.

System z Software, Virtualization, Virtualization - Network

Inland Northwest Health Services

5/28/2013 - IBM increased uptime to better meet customer expectations and service level agreements. IBM doubled performance for end users of cloud service applications. And IBM reduced physical space requirements by 28 percent while increasing storage capacity.

Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Virtualization - Server, Virtualization - Storage

Piedmont Healthcare

5/24/2013 - The solution helps the company ensure security of offsite data, and it reduced backup times by 86 percent, freeing IT resources and staff for other projects.

Storage Management

US Tennis Association – US Open Tennis Championships

5/7/2013 - By using predictive analytics to provide deep, insight into match play and performance as it unfolds on the court, fans always know which player has the edge at the US Open.

Business Analytics, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Mobile, Predictive Analytics, SmartCloud, SmartCloud - Foundation


4/30/2013 - IBM can now prioritize planned downtime globally to minimize business process impact. Technical teams can monitor systems to quickly rectify issues and avoid unplanned outages.

Monitoring, SmartCloud - Foundation, Cloud Computing

IBM Germany

4/22/2013 - IBM uses state-of-the-art technology to reduce the operating costs of the building by more than 35 percent.

Enabling Business Flexibility, Energy Efficiency, Asset and Facilities Management

P.O.S. Data System

4/12/2013 - P.O.S. Data System uses cloud computing to boost productivity 30 percent.

Cloud Computing, Cloud & Service Management, High Availability, SmartCloud, Virtualization, Storage

Uttarakhand Power Corporation Ltd.

4/8/2013 - Anticipated to decrease Aggregate Technical and Commercial losses from 25 - 30 percent to 20 percent or less, and reduce billing cycle by half. Delivers up-to-date information on network health and assets, boosting service levels and supporting better decision-making.

Automation, Energy Efficiency, Enterprise Modernization, Smarter Computing, Systems & Network Management, Transforming Business

US Foods

3/31/2013 - IBM Endpoint Manager software helped US Foods reduce patch deployment times by 80 percent, saving USD500,000 on software licenses and avoiding more than USD1 million in license noncompliance fines.

Endpoint Management

Dow Chemical Co.

3/20/013 - IBM TRIRIGA integrated workplace management system solution streamlines facility planning

Asset Management, Consolidated Operations Management, Energy Efficiency


3/14/2013 - Vastly increases security by reducing time to revoke access from weeks to seconds



2/14/2013 - Provides consumers the data needed to become active participants in their power consumption management and enables individual households to reduce electrical consumption by an estimated 5 to 10 percent

Storage Consolidation, Virtualization


2/11/2013 - Provides new insight into the root causes of breakdowns, enabling a more predictive approach to planned maintenance.

Asset Management, Business Analytics, Business Integration, Business Intelligence, Business Resiliency, High Availability

Orange Business Services

1/31/2013 - Orange Business Services helps clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars and grows revenue with efficient endpoint management.

Endpoint Management

IBM Research Ireland

1/30/2013 - Provides detailed analysis of energy and water usage, helping to identify and resolve problems quickly and measure improvements accurately against the baseline.

Business Analytics, Business Integration, Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics

Front-Safe A/S

1/28/2013 - Reduced the backup storage footprint by 30 percent and associated power and cooling costs by 30 - 40 percent

Storage Management

Arkansas Tech University

1/16/2013 - The university boosted IT performance during student registration, enabled an IT staff of 28 to easily support faculty, staff and 11,000 students, and used deduplication to store five times more data.

Server Consolidation, Storage Consolidation


1/4/2013 - Cut maintenance costs by 20 percent and floor space requirements by 40 percent. Eliminates unplanned outages, with just one planned eight-hour maintenance window needed per month.

Business Continuity, Business Resiliency, High Availability, Smarter Computing, Virtualization, Storage


1/3/2013 - The new solution slashes IT operational costs by more than 50 percent and enables IT-Informatik to set up new customer environments 80 percent faster.

Energy Efficiency, Enterprise Resource Planning, Virtualization, Storage

A Top 250 Global Retailer

12/20/2012 - Reduced time required to respond to inquiries about the retail portfolio; significantly improved the coordination of activities for new store construction and remodels

Workload Management

Velenje Coal Mine

12/20/2012 - Reduces delays in production by 22 percent through preventive maintenance Lowers maintenance costs by 16 percent through automated tracking of asset information and predictive analysis of equipment performance and availability

Asset Management, Industry Framework, Smarter Planet

Portland Public Schools

12/19/2012 - Delivered more than 300 percent return on investment (ROI) and reduced facilities management costs by 15 percent through increased productivity

Smart Work, Smarter Planet

Flemish Government

12/7/2012 - Reduces the time and cost to introduce new applications significantly; allows tremendous savings through the sharing of one centralized platform for many government institutions; provides six million citizens with seamless access to government services.

SmartCloud - Foundation, Cloud Computing

TZM Informatique

11/29/2012 - Makes enterprise-class backup a financially viable option for smaller businesses; cuts management costs, enabling attractive pricing; offers lower TCO with ten times the performance of previous storage.

Cloud Computing, SmartCloud - Foundation, Virtualization, Storage


11/27/2012 - Provides a highly standardized, scalable server platform, accelerating implementation and roll-out of new systems, and enhancing business agility. Reduces both operational and capital expenditure.

High Availability, Server Consolidation, Virtualization

An information services agency

11/20/2012 - The agency reduced the time it takes to develop and deploy software and services to law enforcement organizations nationwide.

Service Oriented Architecture


10/31/2012 - Offers small and mid-sized businesses easy access to a world-class backup solution through a reseller channel. Enables simple management of costs, licences and billing. Deduplication technologies minimise storage requirements, reducing costs and offering better value to customers.

Business Resiliency, Cloud Computing, Cloud & Service Management, High Availability


10/30/2012 - Reduced business risk; increased IT department efficiency; reduced operational costs; increased business agility; improves future readiness.

Business Integration, Business Resiliency, Enterprise Resource Planning, High Availability, Managing Risk, Smarter Computing, Virtualization, Storage

The Co-operative Food

10/28/2012 - Offers real-time, automated patch discovery and management, ensuring that endpoints maintain appropriate patch levels. Integrated reporting helps to demonstrate compliance with PCI DSS requirements.

Automation, Business Resiliency, Enabling Business Flexibility, Managing Risk

Cyprus Ministry of Health

10/24/2012 - Achieved its goal of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of its healthcare spending. By viewing medical images electronically, the hospital has reduced the amount of radiological film required by 75 percent, saving €1 million per annum. By electronically managing laboratory tests and inventory levels, duplication of effort and wastage of medical supplies have been dramatically reduced, saving over €8 million per annum.

Automation, Business Integration, Enterprise Resource Planning, Information Integration

Itaú Unibanco

10/17/2012 - Improvement in efficiency and productivity in the security management area, detailed reports that assist the auditing and compliance areas and ability to respond quickly in case of security incidents

System z Software

Tulane University

10/17/2012 - Reduces cooling and heating requirements by helping staff find inefficiencies in equipment operation that result in energy waste; Reduces energy by fine-tuning the requirements needed to control humidity and provide a comfortable environment for students and faculty members

Automation, Energy Efficiency

A large health benefits company

10/16/2012 - Prevented approximately 8,000 outages and 70,000 impact hours and reduced capacity related outages by 68 percent; expect to reduce outages by 25 percent in the next 12 months; and improve detection automation by 10 – 30 percent.

Automation, Cloud Computing, Cloud & Service Management, SmartCloud - Foundation

Halifax International Airport Authority

10/16/2012 - Reduced the percentage of corrective maintenance being done on assets from 80 percent to only 10 percent; Increased the number of work orders the service department could handle from 450 to 1,000, a 55 percent increase; Helped the airport better prepare for weather events and track costs more effectively; Improved the depth and accuracy of regulatory reporting

Asset Management

A Large European Discount Retailer

10/11/2012 - Saved EUR3.2 million (including labor, software licensing and hardware savings) and realized a six-month return on investment; Reduced time to deploy new patches and software upgrades by more than 90 percent; Decreased number of staff needed to support endpoint management by 75 percent (from 140 to 35)

SmartCloud - Foundation, Cloud Computing

Akita City

10/10/2012 - Expected 6 percent reduction in energy consumption through gaining better visibility to, and control over, city facilities\' energy usage and automates the collection and analysis of facilities management information, as well as the creation of outputs for periodic reporting and mid-term planning

Automation, General Parallel File System (GPFS), High Availability, Virtualization

International Car Operators (ICO)

10/8/2012 - Gained the ideal platform to support TOS project, facilitating intelligent berth and yard planning to boost efficiency. Preserved exceptional uptime levels of 99.6 percent for its terminal operating system. Enabled the delivery of real-time status to customers through a web portal, greatly improving customer satisfaction.

Automation, Business Integration, Cloud & Service Management, Service Management, Smarter Analytics, Systems & Network Management

ME Bank

9/28/2012 - The security-rich IBM solution reduces the risk of fraud and simplifies technology processes while boosting employee productivity and innovation.

Security, Managing Risk

Teradyne Corporation

9/27/2012 - Identified consolidation opportunities at more than 20 U.S. locations, totaling in year one a cost avoidance of USD30 million; Provided more than USD750,000 in new revenue generation over four years; Increased asset performance through greater preventive maintenance; Reduced reporting times by 99 percent

Asset Management


9/26/2012 - Enabled BookingShow to guarantee excellent availability and reliability of the systems supporting its e-commerce platform, even at peak times, improving its online services and increasing its market share.

High Availability, Storage Infrastructure Optimization (SIO), Virtualization


9/24/2012 - Improved ability to deal with changing market conditions and to react more flexibly to customer demands based on an agile IT infrastructure.

Enterprise Resource Planning, Information Integration, Information Management Foundation, Smarter Computing, Virtualization, Storage

An Asia Pacific Bank

9/21/2012 - More than 25 percent annual reduction in power costs; 99.99 percent patch compliance; 99 percent faster software package distribution

Endpoint Management

Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.

9/18/2012 - Improved overall online-banking performance by 300 percent, Reduced response times in the Service Request module by 67 percent - from 21 seconds to 7 seconds

Application Infrastructure

Meltin\' Pot

9/17/2012 - Increased processing power by 300 percent, dramatically accelerating access to vital information. Guarantees always-on protection of business-critical applications. Cuts IT capital expenditure costs by 75 percent.

Business Continuity, Business Intelligence, Business Resiliency, Energy Efficiency, High Availability, Server Consolidation, Virtualization

Fortum Service Deutschland GmbH

9/11/2012 - Increases sustainability, safety and efficiency during operation through the improved management of procurement, work processes and product life cycles. Reduces operational and maintenance costs by up to 30 percent thanks to enhanced maintenance strategies, constant cost control and the combination of structured asset data with unstructured work content and defined business processes.

Asset Management, Business Intelligence, Mobile

City and County of Honolulu

9/7/2012 - The IBM solution reduced application deployment time from one week to only hours, lowered licensing costs for one database by 68 percent and enabled creation of a new property tax appraisal system and increased tax revenue by USD$1.4 million in just three months.

Asset Management, Cloud Computing, SmartCloud - Foundation, Smarter Computing, Storage Consolidation, System z Software, Virtualization, Workload Management

A South American Retail Chain

8/29/2012 - Enables staff to diagnose and resolve issues in 30 percent of the time and achieve 99.99 percent availability, Reduces operational costs through increased staff productivity

Automation, Integrated Service Management & Security Framework, Service Management, System z Software, Systems & Network Management


8/24/2012 - Facilitated rapid provision of capacity to clients which can easily be scaled up and down to match unpredictable requirements. Delivered significant savings to clients, while helping them achieve millions of dollars in new revenues.

Cloud Computing, Enabling Business Flexibility, Virtualization, Virtualization, Storage, SmartCloud


8/14/2012 - Kela expects to reduce its mainframe CPU requirements by up to 15 percent for key applications while simplifying and speeding the deployment of new applications.

System z Software

University of Oklahoma

8/10/2012 - The IBM solution supports up to 1.7 petabytes (PB) for disk and 4.3 PB for tape (initial configuration; expandable to over 60 PB) and delivers high performance with near-peak tape drive speeds.

General Parallel File System (GPFS), High Availability, Storage Consolidation

North Lincolnshire Council

7/30/2012 - Backups are up to 66 percent faster – allowing all data to be backed up within the available window. Deduplication has compressed file storage data volumes by 50 percent – saving 8 TB of disk space. The council now has a scalable platform that is capable of supporting future growth.

Business Resiliency, Virtualization, Storage

Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd., Pune

7/26/2012 - Improved performance by 20 - 40 percent and increased DBA productivity by 40 - 50 percent with DB2 upgrade Provided near real-time data for MIS reports and reduced downtime by nearly 99.9 percent Reclaimed 15 - 20 percent of disk space with data compression

Workload Management


7/24/2012 - Accelerated preparation for customer demonstrations, contributing to an overall efficiency improvement of 20-30 percent. Enabled the rapid provision of capacity to SAPERION\'s customers on a pay-for-use, on-demand basis, translating into significant cost savings that lead to higher customer retention and uptake rates.

Cloud Computing, Enabling Business Flexibility, SaaS, SmartCloud - Foundation

A European Manufacturer

7/20/2012 - In 2009, this European manufacturer performed a detailed cost savings analysis that showed USD19 million savings for the year along with a 400 percent return on investment over five years (from 2004 - 2009). The company also realized additional savings in facilities energy consumption.

Asset Management, Energy Efficiency

A Global 100 company

7/20/2012 - Generated more than USD925 million in real cost savings between 2003 and 2007; Substantially improved user satisfaction, cycle time and staff productivity; Enables the necessary actionable insight into corporate portfolio management process and performance

Asset Management

Six Flags Entertainment Corporation

7/12/2012 - The company\'s return on investment (ROI) is expected to be substantial in the areas of both labor and procurement.

Asset Management


7/11/2012 - The combined SAP and IBM solution offers a robust, secure and highly scalable solution, providing the technology required to meet the company\'s ambitious business goals and aggressive expansion.

Business Resiliency, Enterprise Resource Planning, High Availability, Virtualization

PTTEP Australasia

7/5/2012 - Maximo streamlines maintenance and procurement processes, eliminating paperwork. SDR keeps onshore and offshore processes in sync over a low-bandwidth satellite connection. Even if the connection is temporarily lost, the FPSO\'s Maximo instance can still support maintenance tasks.

Asset Management, Digital Workflow Transformation, High Availability

EXA Corporation

6/30/2012 - Reduces costs and improves security and disaster resiliency; Enables EXA to offer secure cloud-based services to its customers with confidence; Improves flexibility and scalability and reduces risk

Automation, Cloud Computing, Cloud & Service Management, Energy Efficiency, Service Management, SmartCloud - Foundation, Virtualization, Storage

A U.S. Federal Agency

6/28/2012 - Helped agency justify and secure congressional funding of USD50 billion for Military Construction (MILCON), Sustainment, Restoration, and Modernization (SRM), and Base Operations (BASOPS) programs; Streamlined compliance with Executive Order 13327 and RPIR; Accelerated response to secure stimulus package funds

Asset Management, Service Management

Housing Works

6/28/2012 - Fourfold increase in number of systems being backed up with existing staff; Ninety five percent decrease in daily backup times; Ninety percent decrease in restore times

Storage Infrastructure Optimization (SIO), Express


6/18/2012 - Enabled the creation of business and marketing reports in around 60 percent less time than before. Improved application performance. Enhanced system availability. Boosted overall level of service to the business. Enabled to serve AXTEL\'s growing customer base more effectively and at a lower cost.

Business Intelligence, Business Resiliency, High Availability, Information Integration, Virtualization, Storage

Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ)

6/17/2012 - The IBM solution saves $1.2 million annually in energy costs and delivers 50 times more computing power than the previous solution, while only using three times more electricity.

Connectivity - High availability, Connectivity - High volume, Data Serving, Energy Efficiency, General Parallel File System (GPFS), High Availability

Tube Lines

6/13/2012 - Consistent approach to maintenance management across 15 classes; real time access to up-to-date asset information for engineers and contractors enabling efficient job scheduling; reduced duplication and improved information accuracy resulting in more effective proactive maintenance strategies.

Asset Management, Mobile

Aéroport Nice Côte d\'Azur

6/12/2012 - Increased maintenance contractors\' SLA compliance levels to 86 percent by tracking maintenance activities Supported preventative maintenance by interfacing an asset management system with over 30,000 equipment-monitoring, measurement and alarm devices throughout the airport.

Asset Management, Cloud & Service Management, Consolidated Operations Management, Customer Relationship Management, Integrated Service Management & Security Framework, Service Management

City of Besançon

6/12/2012 - Improved process standardization of asset management by 100 percent, and expected to reduce operating expenses through accurate account of assets and true costs Reduced staff training costs on new systems by 100 percent because the solution integrates with the city\'s existing business systems Increased returns on investment through automated preventive maintenance

Asset Management, Cloud & Service Management, Service Management

Tayside Fire and Rescue

6/12/2012 - Improves identification of equipment faults by 100 percent based on the precise tracking of all asset information and predictive analysis of asset performance and availability Reduces processing time of repair requests by 10 percent and anticipates that to rise to 30 percent by proactive automation of asset and inventory management Lowers costs by maximizing asset lifespan and accurately accounting assets\' true costs

Asset Management, Cloud & Service Management, Service Management


6/11/2012 - Offers potentially enormous benefits for saving lives, helping people enjoy healthier lives, and reducing healthcare costs.

Big Data, Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management, Enterprise Modernization

Leading manufacturer

6/8/2012 - Cuts production order planning times by over 80 percent. Decreases report generation time by 80 percent. Increases number of on-time deliveries to over 90 percent.

Business Intelligence, Business Resiliency, Enterprise Resource Planning, High Availability

City of Gothenburg

6/7/2012 - The city pulls greater value from its investment in social technology with an IBM Accelerated Value Leader advising on best practices and helping with technology issues and adoption

Accelerated Value Program

Canucks Sports & Entertainment

6/1/2012 - The IBM Storwize V7000 solution enabled the Canucks organization to implement scalable, cost-effective storage that quadrupled their storage capacity and reduced their backup time by 50 percent.

Storage Consolidation, Virtualization, Storage

Leading North American electronics manufacturer

6/1/2012 - Consolidating to IBM Power 770 servers has helped the company to cut its software licensing costs by 25 percent and reduce its total costs of operation by 34 percent. Data center energy consumption has been cut by an estimated 80 percent, and floor space by 44 percent.

Energy Efficiency, Server Consolidation, Virtualization


5/30/2012 - "Increased policy compliance by more than 20 percent (from 80 percent to 98 percent) Supported a tenfold increase in number of endpoints under management with only one engineer Helped clients mitigate risk and strengthen endpoint security"

Automation, Mobile

Aberystwyth University

5/29/2012 - Consolidating to a single backup solution reduces software and management costs. Electronic vaulting enhances disaster recovery capabilities. Simpler backup management reduces workload for the ICT team.

Business Continuity, Business Resiliency, Cloud & Service Management, Service Management, Storage Infrastructure Optimization (SIO)

Capri S.r.l

5/29/2012 - Sales analysis reports can be created every four hours instead of once a night—accelerating business intelligence. Energy costs have fallen by 35 percent, and server footprint by 65 percent.

Business Intelligence, Enabling Business Flexibility, Energy Efficiency, Virtualization, Storage

Penn State Hershey Medical Center

5/29/2012 - Cut report building time. Reduced storage costs by 44 percent, exploiting XIV price-performance benefits over fibre channel-based storage. Cut time to create data warehouse performance reports significantly.

Business Resiliency, Information Integration, Virtualization, Storage


5/17/2012 - Facilitates better collaboration within and across municipalities by creating a \'shared language\'. Equips caseworkers with a 360-degree view of each child\'s care within the municipality, helping to improve the quality of social services while also helping to reduce cost for the municipality.

Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Content Management, Information Integration, SmartCloud - Foundation


5/14/2012 - Estimated increase of 100 percent or higher in the response rate to targeted marketing initiatives; estimated IT savings of USD8 million in five years.

Big Data, Cloud Computing, Data Warehouse, Server Consolidation, Smarter Analytics, Smarter Computing, Virtualization


5/9/2012 - Virtustream\'s enterprise clients benefit from significant total cost of ownership (TCO) savings by moving from traditional environments to the company\'s Cloud platform, which is supported by IBM technology, with some saving as much as 60 percent.

Cloud Computing, Enabling Business Flexibility, High Availability, Smarter Computing, Virtualization

Macronix International Co., Ltd.

4/27/2012 - Increased process capability to 40 percent using Six Sigma system metrics Expected ramp-up to automation at 86 percent within one year—the fastest in the semiconductor industry—and will virtually remove the human error factor from production in areas where full automation is achieved Estimated that equipment investment can be reduced by 10 percent when equipment is shared at two fabrication plants

Application Design-Build-Manage, Automation, Industry Framework, Managing Risk, Smarter Planet, Systems & Network Management

4/26/2012 - The highly scalable solution has enabled the company to migrate 75 percent of its existing applications to the new IBM platform.

Uberlândia Refrescos

4/18/2012 - Reduced error rates by 70 percent. Ensured a close match between IT investment and business performance. Saved around 50 percent of predicted capital expenditure thanks to virtualized servers for key SAP production and other applications. Helped to reduce the costs of handling the 14.4 TB production database by 90 percent. Cut energy consumption by 60 percent and reduced the data center cooling load.

Business Intelligence, Business Resiliency, Energy Efficiency, Information Integration, Information Infrastructure, Optimizing IT

Doosan Infracore

3/20/2012 - Up to 40 percent increase in order accuracy and threefold business growth, supporting a million daily transactions without adding administrative staff; ability to access productivity tools such as Excel spreadsheets.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Engine Informática

3/16/2012 - Cut overhead costs for a 600-user SAP solution by 50 percent. Opened up new markets with SAP software available at commercially attractive price points per user, with no capital expenditure required. Mission-critical service reliability available through shared service, at a fraction of the price of an in-house or on-premise system.

Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Cloud & Service Management, SaaS, Information Infrastructure, Optimizing IT

Apple Vacations

3/12/2012 - Reduced administrative workload by 80 percent; reduced data management and storage costs by more than 80 percent; increased performance while cutting the footprint and energy costs in half.

Enabling Business Flexibility, Energy Efficiency, High Availability, Small & Medium Business, Virtualization, Storage, Information Infrastructure, Optimizing IT, SmartCloud - Foundation


3/12/2012 - Moving to a virtualized infrastructure on BladeCenter has reduced the number of physical servers from 50 to four IBM blades, and reduced energy costs by around 90 percent.

Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Optimizing IT, Smarter Computing

Ricoh Americas Corporation

3/12/2012 - The IBM solution provides a flexible, high-performance, 85 percent virtualized storage platform, enables seamless migration of huge amounts of data with minimal end-user disruption, lowers storage management and energy costs significantly through consolidation and easily manages backups and disaster recovery with IBM storage applications.

Cloud & Service Management, Master Data Management, Virtualization, Storage

Austin Energy

2/20/2012 - The gathering of new, never-before-available information using devices such as smart meters and substation sensors, combined with best practices, enables Austin Energy to monitor consumption, reduce energy usage and respond to outages far more quickly

Business Integration, Business Process Management (BPM), Industry Framework, Openness, Product & Service Innovation, RSI solution, Service Management, Service Oriented Architecture, Smart Work, Smarter Planet, Systems & Network Management

Ceská Pojištovna

2/20/2012 - Reduced maintenance costs by USD200,000 by consolidating the environment onto a standard software platform, saved USD25,000 annually in human resources costs by increasing the efficiency and productivity of the IT department and cut overall IT costs while improving service levels and reducing workload

Automation, Business Continuity, Business Service Management, Consolidated Operations Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Express, Industry Framework, RSI solution, Service Management, Smarter Planet, Systems & Network Management

Roma Capitale

2/16/2012 - Saved an estimated hundreds of thousands sheets of paper a year. Cut document processing times by 260,000 days per year. Reduced payment claims procedures to one week rather than one month.Improved transparency and administrative security in terms of data protection. Allowed resources to be reused and allocated to more valuable activities.

Business Intelligence, Business Process Management (BPM), Information Infrastructure, Information Integration, Optimizing IT, Virtualization

Hindustan Motors Limited

2/15/2012 - Cut SAP access times by 75 percent, streamlining the workflow process and increasing operational efficiency by around 40 percent. Compressed data by 40 percent with IBM DB2, reducing both database size and the need to spend on additional hardware. Shrunk backup window by one hour, improving data security and freeing IT personnel to focus on more valuable maintenance and development tasks.

Business Integration, Business Resiliency, Information Integration, Optimizing IT

Landstar Systems, Inc.

2/14/2012 - The IBM solution allows control of the software portfolio value through in-house application development, provides high performance and availability for business services and delivers superior IT economics via a small footprint, reducing operating costs.

Application Design-Build-Manage, Application Infrastructure, Business Continuity, Business Resiliency, Enterprise Modernization, Supply Chain Management

Christian Hospital Centre

2/8/2012 - Enables pro-active security for a heterogeneous multi-site IT infrastructure on three levels: network, endpoints and servers, helps anticipate future threats and provides automated visibility and control, offers integrated security, configuration management and lifecycle management in a single agent solution and frees up the equivalent of a full-time IT person, due to 50% reduction in helpdesk calls.

Integrated Service Management & Security Framework, Cloud & Service Management, Systems Management, Systems & Network Management

Strauss Cafe

2/8/2012 - IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager improved efficiency and effectiveness of company\'s operations.

IT Life Cycle Management, Systems Management, Systems & Network Management

Digital Medics GmbH

2/6/2012 - By providing the ideal support for Digital Medics\' medical imaging solution, the IBM infrastructure contributes to impressive cost savings for clinicians, with one hospital client estimating savings of up to 300,000 EURO a year. Advanced data compression and automated storage management cut data storage costs by more than 50 percent.

Cloud Computing, High Availability, Optimizing IT, Smarter Computing

Technische Universität München

1/30/2012 - TU München has addressed its business challenges with this comprehensive Tivoli solution. Thanks to advanced system monitoring and instant notifications for severe problems, the institution can now identify failures in its cloud-ready infrastructure before customers notice them, helping the SAP UCC at TU München to improve its service levels and increase customer satisfaction.

Automation, Business Intelligence, Information Integration, Small & Medium Business, Systems & Network Management, Workload Optimized Infrastructure Framework, Information Infrastructure, Optimizing IT, Systems Management

Great River Energy

1/25/2012 - Helps IT Support Services team close nearly 40 percent of tickets (incidents and service requests) within two hours and complete 85 percent without escalation

Asset Management, Cloud & Service Management, Service Management

YouTube Client Success Stories.

Real Businesses, Real Results

  “   Out of the box, IBM Endpoint Manager software dramatically streamlined our patch deployment processes, reducing deployment times by 80 percent.

— Dan Corcoran. US Foods.

  “   ...the company realize a 20 percent increase in facility use and a savings of approximately USD4 million annually via space consolidation.

— Frank Kayden. The Dow Chemical Company.

  “   The Tivoli data deduplication capability reduced our storage footprint by 30 percent and power and cooling costs by 30 - 40 percent.

— Peter Nielsen. Front-safe A/S.

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