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Cloud & smarter Infrastructure Weekly. An IBM service management perspective.Business and IT are both extraordinarily fast-moving, fast-evolving fields—and the best business outcome will typically stem from the smartest use of advanced technologies.

One great way to get up to speed on this dynamic subject: Attend InterConnect 2013, October 9-11, at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. This three-day event will offer a crash course in some of the most promising technologies, processes, best practices and business strategies available today—three days of immersion in the best and brightest ideas, explored by some of the most experienced and respected thought leaders in the world.

Key topics include:

Day One: Explore what "smart" means today—and going forward

This three-day event will offer a crash course in some of today's most promising technologies, processes, best practices, and business strategies.

In everyday business decisions, what makes one approach inherently smarter than another?

Efficiency is certainly a part of it; the more value that can be created with any given set of resources, such as money or man-hours, the better. Innovation is another key element. By creating a competitive distinction, organizations can stand out in a tough market, satisfying more customers in the ways that matter most to them.

Still, pursuing such abstract ideas via a complex infrastructure can be challenging. Where do inefficiencies exist? Which innovations would be in highest demand? Which course of action will provide the most successful business outcome? That's why organizations are increasingly turning to big data and smarter analytics as a way to not only improve current practices but also to learn how they should be improving them, from resource allocation to strategic marketing to optimizing the supply chain.

On Day One of InterConnect 2013, these and other topics will be discussed by Virginia Rometty, President and CEO of IBM, in an opening keynote address titled "Leadership in the New Era of Smart." Ms. Rometty will explore how IBM's focus lies in helping its clients and customers not only create more value through the innovations deemed most promising and powerful, but do so as efficiently as possible by reducing operating costs and complexity—allowing them to focus more directly on their core competencies, as opposed to their IT infrastructures. Toward that end, IBM is informed by an ongoing dialogue with its client base. This reflects its increasingly transparent development model, which continually solicits user feedback to ensure final products are as close to meeting customer needs as possible.

Other IBM executives include Robert LeBlanc, Senior VP of Middleware Software; Mike Rhodin, Senior VP of IBM Software Solutions Group; and Tom Rosamilia, Senior VP of IBM Systems and Technology Group and IBM Integrated Supply Chain. Together they'll be discussing the emerging best practices that front-running organizations have developed in making their enterprises smarter—as they define "smart."

Day Two: Discover IBM's solution portfolio and the business benefits it delivers

On the second day of the event, the focus will be on IBM's strategic capabilities, as provided via its extensive and deeply integrated solution portfolio. Because IBM offers such a broad range of capabilities, in areas from cloud computing to asset management to software development, it is in an exceptional position to help organizations move from theoretical goals to up-and-running implementations.

By refining the marketing and client experience for customers and partners (both actual and potential), organizations can continually improve the business outcome they receive. Social business solutions can be used to engage customers more naturally using existing interfaces and communication models. Similarly, mobile platforms can create more value, both by empowering the workforce to carry out business tasks on the go, and by representing another form of customer engagement. And smart analytics can add an element of science to marketing strategies, helping organizations align their products and services as closely as possible with the emerging needs of a particular demographic or geographic region.

Architecture and IT optimization is another compelling opportunity for organizational transformation. How can services be created, perfected and brought to market in the least time, for the lowest cost? How can emerging technical issues be discovered and resolved the fastest—or, ideally, anticipated and precluded before they manifest at all? IBM solutions can play key roles in answering these and many other such questions.

Day Three: Dive into the technology in as much depth as you require

The third day of the event will illustrate all the specifics of IBM solutions across a wide variety of sessions on technical topics. By selecting sessions that closely match their organization's context and challenges, the expected 2,500 attendees can get exactly the information they want and need most—fast.

The six subtopics will be:

Day Three sessions will include walkthroughs and demos of particular solutions, or combinations of them, and their feature sets with respect to how those features have been developed specifically to solve the most pressing problems and create the most important forms of new value.

They'll also include roadmap discussion so that attendees can get a clear sense of IBM's solutions for the future and the long-term ROI IBM can deliver.

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