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Pulse 2013: Optimizing the world's infrastructure

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Every year, IBM's Pulse event is the blockbuster service management showcase of the year. And 2013 will be no exception. To be held from March 3-6 at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, Pulse 2013 will deliver more value, in more ways, than ever before.


In short, no event in 2013 will offer the educational opportunity Pulse will—a chance come up to speed on all the latest developments, in one of the world's fastest-moving fields, in only four short days.

Early bird registration has already begun; those who register before December 12 are eligible to attend the show for only $1,495—$500 less than the normal rate.

Deliver a talk at Pulse 2013 and the attendance fee will be $0

Furthermore, there's a great way to attend the show for free... while also promoting your organization.

"No event in 2013 will offer the educational opportunity Pulse will—a chance come up to speed on all the latest developments, in one of the world's fastest-moving fields, in only four short days."

If you're considering attending Pulse, it's probably because you've already deployed IBM solutions and are already receiving value from them. Why not discuss that value at the event?

Those who are chosen to deliver such a presentation—about all the ways IBM solutions and services have benefited their organizations—will receive a free full conference pass to Pulse 2013.

And the benefits don't stop there. Speakers will also get access to the Client Speaker VIP Lounge, and the speaker's organization will be included in the Pulse Program Guide and SmartSite.

How has IBM helped your organization solve its challenges?

If you're considering making such a talk, you can focus on any of 10 different topics, as long as your insights are timely and your discussion is a complete one.

Those 10 topics are:

  • Service availability and performance. Maximizing uptime is a critical consideration for both internal and external services. So is hitting performance targets, despite fluctuating and unpredictable workloads. If you've found innovative ways to solve these challenges, why not discuss them at Pulse 2013?
  • Service provider networks and services. Communications service providers are rapidly moving to roll out new services, embrace new endpoint types, deploy new delivery architectures including private clouds, and leverage new, high-performance transmission platforms such as 4G LTE. Given all this change, does your organization have a story to tell at Pulse?
  • Stories about innovation and transformation. Innovation is the royal road to customer satisfaction and business success. How have IBM solutions and services helped your organization to innovate in the ways that matter most—possibly in areas such as smarter healthcare, smarter building management, and smarter energy strategies?
  • Cross-team service delivery. In the world of IT, operating and development teams too often live and work in separate worlds. New applications are created in isolation by development, then they're deployed into production and managed by operations. But a much better outcome typically emerges from linking these two groups, to share their information and capabilities in new ways. Once you do, the odds are far higher that new services will work as intended—and newly created applications won't need to be rolled back to earlier versions. Have you found this to be the case at your organization?
  • Security, risk, and compliance. Hackers and malware are both more sophisticated than ever—and the threat from outside the organization is often lower than the threat from within, in the form of trusted insiders who abuse special access privileges. What kinds of security challenges has IBM helped you recognize and overcome? And how do you handle regulation compliance—both in terms of achieving it, and demonstrating that you've achieved it during an audit?
  • Industry-specific implementations. No two industries are the same; each faces its own special context. If IBM has collaborated with your organization to create an architecture that specifically addresses your industry's unique context, why not give a talk on that at Pulse 2013?
  • Virtualization. By rendering key resources like processing power and storage in a fluid manner, when and where they're required, virtualization can transform an IT infrastructure for the better. And, of course, virtualization is also a crucial initial step on the path to cloud. Bring your experiences with virtualization to Pulse!
  • Big data. At your organization, are escalating data volumes a challenge to be overcome—or a resource to be tapped? By sifting through data with advanced analytics, you can discover hidden trends and patterns that, once leveraged, can lead to a superior customer experience and business outcome.

The clock is ticking

If you're interested in delivering a talk, be sure to submit your application before November 9, when the call for speakers closes.

By mid-December, approved speakers will be notified, and by January 20, their presentations will be due to IBM.

Apply to deliver a talk at Pulse today!

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