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No industry moves as fast as IT. And no industry delivers as much benefit to the professionals who stay current.

That's why IT managers are always on the lookout for the fastest, easiest way to come up to speed on front-running technologies and business strategies. Why continually struggle with X problem when there is now a direct solution to that problem just waiting to be discovered and implemented?

This is the rationale behind IBM's Business Without Limits events, to be delivered over the rest of 2012 in major cities throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas. At Business Without Limits events, IBM executives and industry leaders will personally discuss some of today's hottest, most compelling topics and technologies in deep detail—walking attendees through how, why, and to what extent IBM solutions can deliver a better business outcome.

Events will cover either a full business day or half a day, and topics will vary from site to site. But in every case, attendees can expect to hear:

IBM's century of experience serving organizations in every industry around the world has left it exceptionally well positioned both to understand how today's business challenges can best be overcome, and to create the solutions needed to do it. At Business Without Limits, you'll hear about both—in depth.

Cloud computing

Cloud architectures, for instance, offer a compelling new platform of service delivery that—if optimized properly—can really help organizations make the smartest possible use of key IT resources, improve overall agility, and minimize costs and waste.

"At Business Without Limits, the many ramifications of mobile devices, including security, will be explored. And you'll find out how other organizations have already faced, and solved, these and similar challenges via IBM Tivoli solutions."

Why tie resources to specific hardware and specific services when you can allocate them fluidly wherever they're needed—throughout the infrastructure? And if you're going to pursue that goal, why not do it in an automated fashion, driven by business policies, for the fastest possible response to changing circumstances?

Clouds can help you accomplish exactly these goals, and many others besides, leaving your organization far more responsive and agile while also dialing down costs (particularly labor costs) to remarkably low levels.

Simply moving to cloud, however, is not likely to deliver the best result. Different organizations have different needs; it's crucial to consider the full context in which services operate when deciding how, whether, and when to migrate IT services to a cloud. And, of course, there are different cloud models as well; a service that might work wonderfully in a private cloud implementation might not work nearly as well in a public implementation due to security or compliance concerns.

By attending Business Without Limits, you can learn about these issues in detail—as well as everything IBM offers to help you make the best strategic choices, create and manage cloud architectures to best effect, and achieve the best business outcome going forward.

Mobile devices

Few recent IT topics have been as hot as mobile... because few areas of consumer interest have been as explosive.

With the rise of smart mobile platforms like cell phones and tablets has come an inevitable interest on the part of the workforce to use these solutions for business purposes—not just personal purposes.

The result, a kind of Bring Your Own Device scenario, has left many IT departments struggling to find a happy middle ground, in which the workforce is empowered to use the tools of its choice, and yet IT services, applications, and data can continue to be secured and managed appropriately.

Fortunately, IBM offers a variety of solutions and strategies that can help you find that middle ground—and even better, build on it over time, to get not just a satisfactory business outcome, but a superior one.

For instance, IBM Endpoint Manager for Mobile Devices is a centralized management platform you can use to secure a wide variety of mobile devices and thus better protect both the organization and its workforce. Through agented and agentless mechanisms, it can help you lock down devices, all the data on them, and the business access they convey much more easily and more proactively than ever.

At Business Without Limits, the many ramifications of mobile devices, including security, will be explored. And you'll find out how other organizations have already faced, and solved, these and similar challenges via IBM Tivoli solutions.

Smarter Physical Infrastructures

Did you know that more than a third of Fortune 100 businesses use IBM TRIRIGA to help manage their buildings and campuses?

Partly this is because of the growing realization that going green is no longer just an option, but a mandate. Estimates are that by 2025, buildings worldwide will consume more global energy than the transportation and industrial sectors combined—they will actually be the single largest source of energy usage. So the sooner organizations get started with a green strategy, and the more comprehensively they apply it, the better, both for themselves and their host communities.

IBM's focus on energy optimization is clear in both the wide variety of relevant solutions and the extensive best practices it offers to clients. IBM TRIRIGA, for instance, integrates with IBM Maximo asset management to deliver key insight into how, when, and why energy is being consumed—by individual buildings, entire campuses, and the organization as a whole.

Armed with this specific knowledge, it becomes much simpler for organizations to identify new ways to dial back total energy consumption while still maintaining necessary business services and operating environments.

Interesting in hearing more about these and other developments in physical infrastructures? Attend Business Without Limits!

Security and Compliance

Finally, security and compliance are two areas where no organization can afford to compromise.

As IT services are leveraged in more ways—both inside and outside company walls—they must continually be secured to ensure that only the right people, with the right privileges, get access. Yet making that happen is only getting harder, thanks to the increasing sophistication of malware and hackers, the increasing interconnectedness of IT services, and the fact that innovations like cloud force IT to rethink security at a deep level.

Regulation compliance, similarly, is far from easy. Every year, more regulations emerge, each specifying how organizations should manage and monitor sensitive data. How can organizations continually meet these terms... and how, in the event of an audit, can they easily demonstrate that they have?

At Business Without Limits, all of IBM's deep expertise in security and compliance will be explored—and you can be the direct beneficiary. Register now to attend!

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