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How complete is your "complete solution?"

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If you really want to get the best possible return on IT investment, you have to look beyond the solutions themselves to the complete context in which they work and create value. And once you do, you'll find that this is an area where IBM Tivoli solutions are exceptionally strong.

For instance, it's one thing to talk about managing assets. It's another to talk about a unified asset management solution that handles every asset in the organization, including mobile, digital, analog, and manufacturing assets—at every stage in their lifecycles. That's exactly what Maximo—IBM's flagship asset management solution—delivers.

Similarly important is the complete operational context. How easy is it to integrate new solutions into a complex IT infrastructure? How long will it take, and how seamless will the job be when it's finished? What if new sites come online—will those benefit from solutions as well? What if the organization merges with or acquires another organization, and IT solutions have to apply to the new organization's infrastructure too? How hard will it be to expand a base solution with add-on capabilities, to fulfill new requirements or business strategies?

Answering questions like that will often demand something more than outstanding technology. It'll also require human talent, to bridge the gap between what is and what could be—the full potential of IT solutions to create business value in all the ways the organization needs, both now and going forward.

IBM Accelerated Value delivers more business value in less time for lower total costs

That, in short, is the idea behind the IBM Software Accelerated Value Program. The program offers industry-leading, multifaceted support for every software solution IBM offers—spanning its Tivoli, Rational, Lotus, and WebSphere product lines—to ensure that IT return on investment is as high as it can be—quickly. So IBM clients can participate in the program in ways that closely reflect their needs, focusing on the software capabilities they deem most mission-critical.

"Accelerated Value Leaders collaborate with manufacturing clients who've purchased IBM Maximo Calibration to provide support in any ways they need—solving emerging problems, as well as proactively positioning them for higher value over time through applied best practices and specific recommendations."

Every Accelerated Value Program customer receives a dedicated Accelerated Value Leader who serves as a direct liaison between the customer and the sum total of IBM resources. This individual is the first point of contact for questions, and the final reference point for answers. Anything the customer requires—from prepurchase assessment to deployment and integration to ongoing management—the Accelerated Value Leader can either directly address or help orchestrate. If on-site support is needed, that's available too—inside a single business day, in many cases. And because the Accelerated Value Leader is an expert not just in IBM solutions but also the customer's needs, business context, and case history, the customer receives truly exceptional value.

How exceptional? In fiscal terms, IBM estimates an average return of more than five times the cost of the annual Accelerated Value Program contract. That's incredible ROI at a time when ROI is more important than ever.

Ham and eggs... Siskel and Ebert... Accelerated Value Program and IBM Tivoli

As classic combinations go, you can't do much better than Tivoli solutions backed up with an Accelerated Value Program contract. Between falling costs, new integration capabilities, increased performance and service availability, and simplified management, this package deal amounts to a perfect storm of business value.

Consider, for instance, everything Accelerated Value Program offers in the case of IBM Maximo Calibration. This offering provides automatic, comprehensive calibration of diverse assets, ensuring that performance falls within a fine range of tolerance in an industry-specific fashion.

What's meant by "industry-specific?" In medicine, it might mean assets like CT scan devices and iron lung machines; in refineries, it might mean pumps and generators. IBM Maximo Calibration is also frequently deployed in the life sciences, nuclear power, and utility fields, where its accuracy helps deliver benefits ranging from correct customer billing to disaster prevention.

What all these use cases have in common is that precise calibration is necessary if the asset is going to deliver the value the organization requires—and achieving that calibration, given the broad number of assets, is no simple feat.

Manufacturers, too, use IBM Maximo Calibration every day... and in ways you might not expect. As they expand their operations across national boundaries, and even to multiple continents, they may find that asset calibration gets harder, faster, than they can easily handle.

Not only has the total number of assets multiplied with every new site, but workers in those sites probably speak different languages, too. And if workers don't understand the displays of calibration solutions and can't use them effectively, asset accuracy will gradually decline—ultimately leading to a measurable impact on the business bottom line. The complete context of the asset management challenge, in other words, has scaled up uncomfortably.

Fortunately, optimizing the complete context is just what the Accelerated Value Program program is all about. Accelerated Value Leaders collaborate with manufacturing clients who've purchased IBM Maximo Calibration to provide support in any ways they need—solving emerging problems, as well as proactively positioning them for higher value over time through applied best practices and specific recommendations.

Granular language configuration multiplies Maximo value

For instance, consider the language issue. As it happens, in Maximo version 7, new language support was delivered—in spades. Among other supported languages are English, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Turkish, Czech, Swedish, German, French, Slovenian, Arabic, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and both Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

This means Accelerated Value Leaders can help IBM Maximo Calibration customers configure this single solution for nearly universal value—anywhere their operations take them, in almost any language used by their workers. And in cases where calibration capabilities haven't even been available, due to a language barrier, that barrier will almost certainly be knocked down. The organization will now have more business options on the table, and more power to deploy and manage sites in the ways that make the best business sense.

Beyond language support per se, there's also the question of configuration options. Here, too, Accelerated Value Leaders can drive a better outcome both through an exhaustive product knowledge as well as special insight into the customer's situation.

Suppose, for instance, that the customer has manufacturing sites in many different countries, but multiple languages are spoken within some of those countries. In Brazil, for instance, both Portugese and Spanish might be spoken. Alternately, a single language might span multiple countries (as English is routinely used in Canada, Ireland, and England).

Accelerated Value Leaders can help IBM Maximo Calibration managers configure the solution to provide exactly the language combinations they require—site by site by site. This granular configuration has the effect of multiplying the value proposition the customer receives, because a single asset calibration solution is now being used at all sites, to support precise calibration of all assets, in all contexts.

Furthermore, the Accelerated Value Leader also has access to IBM's complete case history of deployments for this offering. Using it, any documented problems previously encountered by other customers can be anticipated—and avoided—for faster time-to-value and lower risks and costs. This kind of insight alone—best practices applied at an exceptionally practical and specific level—justifies participating in Accelerated Value Program for many clients.

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