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IBM Edge2012 will be the top storage event of the year—a blockbuster showcase of the latest insights, solutions, and best practices that organizations need to leverage storage for the highest possible business value.

In fact, IBM Edge2012 will actually offer a triple value proposition by combining three events into one:

Explore all the ways IBM Tivoli can make your storage infrastructure faster, more cost-effective, and more resilient

For Tivoli Beat readers, Technical Edge in particular will be an excellent bet.

"This event's wealth of sessions, and the opportunity to engage with technology experts and professional peers, will deliver a fast and effective way to come up to speed on the latest and greatest the world of IT storage has to offer."

More than 35 technical sessions will explore everything IBM has to offer in the world of IT storage, as discussed by technical experts, clients, and partners. Both abstract explorations of technical capabilities and real-world examples of client experiences will be offered, as well as solution demos of new offerings.

Want a for-instance? Consider Eric Stouffer's presentation on VMware Backup Options with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager.

VMware environments are by far the most popular choice for x86 virtualization today, and Tivoli Storage Manager offers outstanding value as a way to protect those environments and keep critical applications and services as available as possible. In exploring this subject, Stouffer will discuss backup proxies as well as introduce a new release (Tivoli Storage Manager 6.3), showing how it leverages VMware's vStorage APIs for Data Protection to accelerate backup processes and thus minimize their business impact.

On the cutting edge of computational possibilities and how advanced analytics can create new value, will be Tony Pearson's presentation on IBM's new Watson technology. Watson is best known for having defeated two of the strongest-ever Jeopardy winners, but its capabilities go far beyond that—and are already being applied in areas like healthcare, to assist doctors in making accurate and well-informed diagnoses. Pearson will discuss both Watson's origin and feature set as well as the storage implications—and the implications for organizations, and society in a far larger sense, as Watson is leveraged in more ways for more value over time.

As organizations struggle to create the most efficient and cost-effective storage architectures, many have turned to large file systems—and the question of how they can best be protected, once implemented. "IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Backup and Recovery Techniques for Large Files Systems," offered by IBM's own Greg Van Hise, will walk attendees through different scenarios that commonly apply in this context, and the different ways that IBM's flagship backup/recovery solution can best be utilized in each one. Specifically included: thoughts on Windows and AIX (IBM's UNIX flavor), journaling, and the use of disk images as a way to accelerate TSM tasks.

Mainframes are increasingly seen as a great way to drive up IT utilization and security and to optimize resource allocation; IBM's own System zEnterprise offering makes that case to a T. What's not as well known—but should be—is the fact that System z can also be a great platform for storage management in many contexts. Scott Drummond of IBM will be on hand to explore just how, walking attendees through every layer of the z/OS storage management strategy including process management, operational management, and the IBM Service Management Foundation. Also included: discussion of OMEGAMON XE for Storage as a central tool for orchestrating storage tasks in several different contexts.

And those whose primary concern deals with big data challenges, specifically in environments like VMware, Oracle, DB2, and SAP—all widely seen as mission-critical—Oren Wolf has a tailor-made presentation: "Addressing Big Data Challenges with Tivoli FlashCopy Manager: Functional Overview and Roadmap."

This session will turn a spotlight on the many ways that Tivoli FlashCopy can protect core business data across all these contexts through advanced application snapshot backup and restoration that can copy and recreate the actual production environment as it existed at a specific point in time. And the case for Tivoli FlashCopy Manager gets even stronger when you consider how it integrates with leading IBM storage platforms like IBM Storwize V7000, the IBM SAN Volume Controller, and IBM XIV Storage System—all of which deliver exceptional performance for virtualized infrastructures, including clouds.

An incredible diversity of information—and educational opportunities

Beyond Technical Edge, however, Tivoli solutions and content will play a major role in the other events as well (Business Edge and Winning Edge).

Topics to be discussed at those events—all of which involve Tivoli solutions in one respect or another—will include:

Regardless of whether they’re IT managers, business executives, or sales professionals, attendees are thus all but guaranteed that their questions will find answers—and they'll return to their organizations well prepared to apply everything they've learned.

Social opportunities, roadmap sneak peeks, and special offers make IBM Edge2012 a must-attend event

Those who register for Winning Edge will get access to the main tent kickoff session and Business Partner Forum on June 4. That means they’ll get a chance to hear directly from senior IBM System Storage and Business Partner execs about plans for the IBM product roadmap—and all the ways IBM Tivoli solutions can be leveraged to get a better business outcome in years to come.

IBM System Storage Specialty Business Partners registered for Winning Edge are also invited to attend an exclusive Winning Edge event to be held the night of June 5. This social event will feature cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, entertainment, and a dinner that showcases La Luce’s award-winning menu of upscale Italian cuisine.

Finally, those who previously attended IBM's Pulse event are offered a special opportunity to attend IBM Edge2012 at a discount. When registering, just use the promotional code P5A for a full 25% off normal enrollment.

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