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The case for attending IBM's Edge2013 event just keeps getting stronger! This year, Edge2013 promises to be THE venue to hear all about IBM's market leading technologies—with customers providing direct experience with how they leveraged IBM solutions to transform their business. Key topics at Edge2013 will address the areas of IT optimization: cloud, smart analytics and big data, business continuity, and many more.

In this respect, Edge is evolving in parallel with IT infrastructures and business strategies. Cloud computing, for instance, has the effect of unifying separate IT domains, and turning a spotlight on how they work in orchestration to execute workloads and fulfill goals of many kinds. In just this fashion, Edge now addresses not just storage management and solutions per se, but the many roles storage plays—or should play—in a larger business context.

That's what makes Edge2013 the premier event not just for storage, but IBM's new PureSystems offerings and IBM System x hardware, plus Cloud. At Edge, you'll get a chance to attend more than 350 sessions and almost 100 hands-on labs spanning 16 tracks—a remarkably rich and up-to-the-minute supply of information, empowering you to select exactly the information your organization needs most, and get it in a few short days. You can also demonstrate mastery of that information via technical certification, available at half the normal price.

Four sub-events ensure you'll get exactly the content you want

The hit of Pulse 2013 in March, and currently in open beta, [IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Operations Center] provides a unified, integrated front end for managing the complete storage infrastructure. It visually depicts not just target and backup systems and their logical relationships, but the success of storage-related tasks—delivering at-a-glance comprehension of which tasks have completed and which have not.

Even more control over your educational experience stems from the fact that Edge2013 is really comprised of four sub-events, aimed at different audiences:

A wealth of compelling solutions—and a happy birthday to TSM!

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Operations Center

One of the most engaging aspects of IBM events, of course, is the chance to hear about new IBM solutions "fresh from the oven"—each loaded with innovations that IBM has created specifically to help customers deal better with their challenges.

In the case of storage management, one particularly long-standing challenge lies in the fact that the storage infrastructure is already very complex, and getting more complex by the day, largely due to the exponential data growth we are experiencing. Hundreds (or thousands) of target systems must be backed up to dozens of storage repositories, themselves diverse in nature (examples: disk arrays, tape, and optical). Furthermore, the logical content on those systems varies by business priority, by the probability it will need to be restored, and by the speed with which that restoration will need to occur. For storage managers looking to get their arms around such a challenge, the phrase "intuitive and straightforward" is not one that typically comes to mind.

Fortunately, IBM has a new solution that makes that phrase a great deal more plausible: IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Operations Center. The hit of Pulse 2013 (YouTube, 00:01:12) in March, and currently in open beta, this solution provides a unified, integrated front end for managing the back-up and recovery infrastructure. It visually depicts not just target and backup systems and their logical relationships, but the success of storage-related tasks—delivering at-a-glance comprehension of which tasks have completed and which have not.

Furthermore, because the interface is available in GUI form via any standard Web browser, management is so straightforward it can actually be achieved using a smart mobile device such as a tablet or laptop computer—from anywhere the storage manager happens to be. Together, these strengths mean that tasks that used to require a storage expert can now often be delegated to alternate IT team members, helping to relieve data availability problem-solving bottlenecks that might otherwise have occurred.

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Virtual Environments

Another key offering highlighted at the event, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Virtual Environments (YouTube, 00:17:17) helps IT back up virtual machines running in any form of virtualized infrastructure (including clouds). It achieves this by offloading backup workloads to a dedicated vStorage Backup server; this means that backing up in-production virtual machines creates no impact on the business performance of those machines. Backups can occur as full, incremental, and incremental-forever, for added granularity that reflects specific business requirements for a given virtual machine. 

For more insight on this solution, as well as IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Operations Center, be sure to attend the Tivoli Storage Labs at Technical Edge. Both will be spotlighted in detail, as will IBM FlashCopy Manager, which creates virtually instant snapshots of critical business applications as a protective measure, to drive up service availability and business resilience.

TSM turns 20!

It's been two decades now that the Tivoli Storage Manager platform has been providing optimized data protection for enterprises across their complete infrastructures. Celebrating that fact will be a showcase in the Cross-IBM Solution Zone, in the Edge Solution Center, which will explore how the TSM platform continues to evolve via the new Operations Center, storage virtualization in general, and next-generation cloud-enabled storage.

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