The IBM Tivoli User Community Site v2.0: Refreshed and Open for Business

The IBM Tivoli User Community Site v2.0: Refreshed and Open for Business

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Announced at Pulse 2012: the official Tivoli User Community site has been completely revamped! And Tivoli customers are the direct beneficiaries.

While historically the site has always been a shared, open forum for Tivoli topics of all kinds, the recent updates make it simpler, easier, and more productive to use than ever before. Those familiar with Web 2.0 environments will find many of their principles leveraged to good effect: straightforward, automatically updated views of member activity, blogging, and Tivoli news, for instance.

More generally, though, the central premise of the site has been developed: to help Tivoli users interact with each other and with IBM, and also to help IBM learn better what those users need going forward.

In this sense, the site serves as a two-way channel of information... and in the new site, that information not only flows more easily, but it's available in many more forms.

A smorgasbord of compelling content

Among other content types now found on the site are:

"While historically the site has always been a shared, open forum for Tivoli topics of all kinds, the recent updates make it simpler, easier, and more productive to use than ever before."

Together, these developments help Tivoli users get quick access to the information they need most, while also giving IBM Tivoli access to the information it needs to enhance its solutions over time.

The new site's appeal is global—and so is its user base

That's a powerful value proposition offered to both sides, and it helps explain the popularity of the Tivoli User Community site, which now hosts more than 170 local and virtual user groups, from 29 countries around the world, to more than 26,000 members.

Those numbers make it clear: just as IBM Tivoli solutions are deployed worldwide, in every industry and in organizations of all sizes, the Tivoli User Community site has a similarly global, universal appeal to anyone with an investment in (or even curiosity about) the IBM Tivoli service management portfolio.

Among the most compelling content types on the site are the webinars. The most recent of these, hosted by Jason Verly, had 170 attendees, and most of them remained after Jason's half-hour discussion for the live Q&A session at the end of the call—a great example of how the site now emphasizes interaction and community development.

This particular webinar is also worth noting because its focus was on the IBM Maximo enterprise asset management solution family, which (despite the fact that it hasn't got "Tivoli" in the product name) falls under the Tivoli heading and is thus the subject of quite a bit of the site's content.

The same situation applies to the IBM Endpoint Manager family; it too will be the subject of future information and webinars.

Get expert insight into one of IBM Tivoli's most engaging cloud management solutions

Going forward, another webinar certain to interest many IBM Tivoli customers (or other interested parties such as prospective customers, technology journalists, and industry analysts) will be entitled "Managing the Smarter Physical Infrastructure with the IBM SmartCloud Control Desk."

This new, unified offering, which like the TUC site was announced at Pulse, is specifically designed to help organizations get not just more value from private cloud architectures, but faster and more automatic value.

As drawn from key elements of the Tivoli portfolio, SmartCloud Control Desk capabilities range from a service desk/service catalog to an asset configuration repository to rapid ITIL implementation. Organizations that choose this offering to manage private clouds will thus be able to minimize the time and costs associated with technical troubleshooting—not to mention the business impact on key IT services that might otherwise have been created.

Furthermore, the speakers delivering the webinar are just as distinguished as the solution itself. They include:

In the near future following the webinar, a white paper on the same topic will be offered, so be sure to tune in for that as well.

A special focus on member value: free white paper development, free weekly training sessions, and free education

While we're on the subject of white papers, did you know the Tivoli User Community site not only offers them, but can help you create them?

That's right—given a standard customer-facing presentation deck, site members can help you orchestrate transforming its ideas into a white paper you can then use to illustrate key services or products your organization offers. Subject matter can involve almost anything pertinent to IBM Tivoli solutions; as long as the content is likely to interest other members of the site, it's eligible.

That focus on member value, in fact, is the governing principle of the site's redesign—and the reason why IBM Tivoli is committed not just to providing useful content, but also helping you get access to it in the easiest possible way. For this reason, weekly training sessions are now offered to help members better understand site capabilities, resolve any complications logging in, complete their profiles, and in any other way they need, get the best possible experience from the site's many features.

You can also see IBM Tivoli's focus on member value from the fact that the site's governing council is drawn from IBM Tivoli users—25 in all, drawn from experienced customers and business partners. IBM itself includes only a single token representative who serves to channel council ideas and feedback to the places inside IBM where it will be of highest utility.

Interested in getting certified in a particular area of interest to your organization? That, too, is a site option, via free, certification clinics at user group meetings and virtual, condensed education sessions.

The fact that these are conducted virtually (i.e., online) also illustrates the truly global appeal of the new site—these education sessions are open to every one of the site's 26,000 members, no matter where they live. Getting a stronger grip on new topics, new technologies, and new business practices has never been simpler.

And going forward, the site will continue to be improved. Individual groups and forums will get increased support and development, for instance. Speakers with deep expertise in areas shown to be of special interest to site members will be recruited to give webinars or contribute in other ways.

And, of course, members are always encouraged to contribute their own insights or requests on anything site-related—from the logic of specific white papers, to the creation of new forums, to the special ways particular Tivoli solutions can be integrated to solve emerging problems.

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