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Any time we invest, we'd like to see a high ROI. And one of the most compelling things about an investment in IBM Tivoli software is how easy it is to increase the ROI you get.

How? Among many other strategies you'll hear about at Pulse 2012 (the premiere service management event of the year), here's one that stands out: buying software subscriptions and support (S&S).

Tivoli subscriptions work essentially like magazine subscriptions. When new versions of subscribed solutions are released, IT professionals who've purchased S&S for them are immediately notified of the new version, its new capabilities, and the new business benefits they'll deliver—for the entire next calendar year.

Then, given a subsequent download over the Internet, that new version can be up and running in the operations center in short order—creating many forms of business value as a result. The cost? $0 (beyond the S&S purchase).

Since the Tivoli portfolio is so extensive and S&S can be bought for all of IBM’s software, this option gives IT managers remarkably granular power to dial up ROI for the solutions they themselves deem most critical.

Perhaps that means identity lifecycle management solutions to keep user data safe from unauthorized access. Perhaps it means asset management solutions that consolidate maintenance and configuration tasks and information. Perhaps it means new integrations across such solutions, to link them in new ways, empower new services, and thus better centralize overall IT management.

And of course, in a general sense, those who purchase S&S will find that:

The possibilities are endless. And all you have to do to realize them is decide which Tivoli solutions will benefit from a subscription most, given your particular context.

Pulse 2012 will offer three interactive Subscription and Support Roundtables—and you should RSVP now to reserve a seat

"Since the Tivoli portfolio is so extensive, and Support and Subscriptions can be bought for all the software IBM offers, this option gives IT managers remarkable power to dial up ROI for the solutions they themselves deem most critical."

Toward making that decision even simpler and easier, you might consider attending Pulse 2012 in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Hotel, to be held from March 4-6.

This year, the blockbuster event is billed as "Optimizing the World's Infrastructure," and the 8,000 expected attendees will find out just how apt that billing is.

In particular, IBM's one-hour Subscription and Support Roundtable will be the best available opportunity to learn more about this support option and the many ways it can benefit your organization, from IBM's own leadership team.

Topics of discussion will range from current renewal policies to future acquisition strategy, and how both could affect support subscriptions for IBM clients. The Roundtables will thus offer you a great chance to get a sneak peek into IBM's outlook—uncovering information you'll need to create the best possible support package for your own infrastructure.

Furthermore, the Roundtable will of course be interactive. That means you'll get a chance to hear from other attendees, too, profiting from their past experiences and insights.

If you're just now considering purchasing S&S for your IBM software, you can find out for yourself just how much business value it’s created at other organizations simply by asking questions. That will translate into peace of mind that the investment will indeed be worth it—and help you decide which solutions should get more of your focus.

Also helpful: you can receive tips from both your professional peers and from IBM's Subscription and Support leadership team—as well as share tips of your own—concerning how to get the most value from this very compelling program.

Anticipating widespread interest in the Subscription and Support Roundtables, IBM has decided that they will be offered all three days of the show, from March 4-6:

All three of these events will take place at the AVP Lounge in the Marquis Ballroom (MR4).

And also because attendee interest is expected to be high, IBM is requesting that you RSVP in advance for a spot on the Roundtable of your choice. To do so, just send an email with your name and organization to geemin11@us.ibm.com.

If you already know you'd like to attend, RSVP soon!

Roundtable seats will be allocated strictly on a first-come, first-served basis, and time is running out.

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