Pulse 2013: Get Smarter About Security

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Security challenges are at an all-time high. How well prepared is your organization to meet them?


At Pulse 2013, to be held from March 3-6 at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, you'll get a chance to bring yourself up to speed on how this exceptionally fast-moving IT topic has developed in recent months—and everything IBM offers to help you to better address security threats both known and unknown.

In fact, IBM Security solutions span all security domains, from identity management to application/data security to the complete infrastructure (network, servers, and endpoints)—and they're well suited even for the most advanced architectures, such as clouds.

In particular, the Security Intelligence stream at Pulse 2013 will discuss how you can develop a smarter, more proactive security strategy—reducing the risk of a breach, minimizing the effects of a breach should one occur, and complying with government regulations more easily and more completely. The four tracks and more than 40 sessions of this stream will give you the granularity to choose exactly the information you need, then return to your organization well positioned to drive positive change.

Security Trends and Industry Insight

If you want to ensure your security strategy is as up-to-date as possible, you'll certainly need the latest information. And Pulse 2013 will be a great place to get it. Sessions in this track will provide insight on everything from special advanced persistent threats that combine different tactics and vulnerabilities (such as targeted phishing aimed at specific team members) to trends in mobile usage, and how something as simple as a smartphone left accidentally in a cab can lead in short order to a serious data breach.

But how best can you respond? One of the more effective ways to improve security lies in anticipating innovative threats—that is, putting yourself in the shoes of a would-be attacker, asking yourself what that attacker would likely try to do, and then taking steps to prevent that from working.

That's exactly the premise of "Using Big Data and Analytics to Think Like an Attacker," to be delivered by Kevin Skapinetz and Sandy Bird of IBM. They'll explore the way big data solutions can be integrated with security analytics to provide the context needed to extrapolate how, when, and under what circumstances future attacks might succeed—and how best to leverage the answers you get.

Identity and Access Management: Enterprise Mobile and Cloud

"IBM Security solutions span all security domains, from identity management to application/data security to the complete infrastructure (network, servers, and endpoints)—and they're well suited even for the most advanced architectures, such as clouds."

This track focuses on one of the most common security complexities in IT today: the changing roles of team members, and the need to ensure that the service access and logical privileges based on job roles can change in parallel. If an employee leaves the organization, for instance, it's essential that that employee's access rights are terminated with no delay throughout the entire IT infrastructure, including all services and all points of entry.

As infrastructures have rapidly evolved, though—now including, for instance, tablets and other mobile devices—identity and access management strategies and solutions haven't always evolved in parallel. That's a major concern for many organizations going forward.

If yours is one of them, you'll definitely want to attend "Next-Generation IAM for a Multi-Perimeter World." This session, to be delivered by IBM's Ravi Srinivasan and David Druker, will illustrate how you can respond to a broad range of potential security complexities, including mobile, cloud, and social media, by applying identity and access management in new ways—and perhaps even by using a number of compelling new IBM Tivoli solutions to be announced at the event!

Understanding and Addressing Emerging Threats

As a general rule, new advances in IT infrastructures also imply new security wrinkles to ponder—and that pondering should happen before they have a chance to manifest in the form of breach. That's why, in this track, you'll get a chance to learn about the range of threats currently developing and how they tend to manifest in different use cases, via different technologies, and how in most cases, organizations have considerable power to improve security proactively, rather than reactively.

Need an example of this principle at work? Consider attending "Mitigating Mobile Security Risks with IBM Security AppScan," to be delivered by Salvatore Guarnieri of IBM.

In this session, you'll learn that if your organization develops innovative Web applications for the convenience of employees with smart mobile devices, you can proactively assess those applications for potential security breaches long before they're ever deployed or used for business purposes.

How? IBM Security AppScan utilizes extensive out-of-the-box intelligence to discover and evaluate a candidate application's potential attack vectors looking for vulnerabilities. Should any be discovered, the solution also empowers the development team to take informed action to eliminate them. Furthermore, it helps organizations simplify and accelerate regulation compliance, thanks to a broad range of configurable reports that demonstrate the terms of regulations like HIPAA have been met in full—very useful in the event of an audit.

Data Security and Protection

Data is the lifeblood of any organization—the fundamental resource that makes all internal and external services possible, quantifies the success of strategies, suggests new strategies, and drives team collaboration. It follows that the better-protected that data is against the full range of threats, the higher the business value that data is likely to deliver over time.

Unfortunately, in today's rapidly expanding infrastructures, both the total volume of data and the total number of data repositories have expanded in proportion. This makes data protection, as an IT mandate, an increasingly difficult challenge.

If you’d like to hear how leading organizations today are rising to that challenge, one session directly on point is “Information Security and Compliance Simplified.” This presentation will be delivered jointly by representatives from three IBM clients: Asher Khan of CommTel Systems, Arif Saeed of Adamjee Insurance, and Mustapha Lotia of the National Database Registration Authority. They’ll discuss how IBM solutions have helped them better safeguard data, securely share data and link processes across operational silos, and both prevent and detect network intrusion via several different methods.

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