Pulse 2013: Service Providers Get the Red Carpet

A challenging business climate—but compelling new opportunities as well

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For service providers in the intensely competitive telecommunications industry, staying on top of new developments is critical to business success. That's why, for them, Pulse 2013 is a must-attend event.

According to a recent IBM study:

Fortunately, at Pulse 2013—to be held from March 3-6 at the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas—service providers will be the beneficiaries of an entire stream dedicated to their industry, the pressures it faces, and all the solutions and best practices IBM offers to help.

In addition to over thirty different sessions on service provider topics of choice, there will also be numerous technical demos walking attendees through both the key features of IBM solutions and the business benefits those features can help deliver. And an IDC expert analyst will also be on hand to discuss key industry drivers in an open business leadership forum.

An incredible wealth of industry-specific information and insight

Want clear evidence that Pulse 2013 will offer service providers special value? Consider that no other industry will receive its own stream at this event; Service Provider Solutions is the sole stream along such lines, all other streams being dedicated to technology domains.

"Want clear evidence that Pulse 2013 will offer service providers special value? Consider that no other industry will receive its own stream at this event; Service Provider Solutions is the sole stream along such lines, all other streams being dedicated to technology domains."

Furthermore, the stream has been divided into two tracks that closely reflect subjects of special appeal to service providers: service assurance/network management (featuring 17 sessions), and managed service provider cloud solutions (featuring 14 sessions).

Service assurance, network management, and analytics

Voice services represent the past—and while they'll certainly continue to play an important role, they are now augmented by a much broader range of services (such as IPTV and data services), deployed over a much broader range of network types (such as 3G/4G as well as traditional copper) than ever before. Throw in all the recent innovation implied by cloud architectures, and you begin to see just how much rapid change is taking place in this industry.

And all that change also necessitates a new outlook to service assurance. How do you verify that service performance is hitting targets, given such a diverse range of services and network types, both wired and wireless? When technical issues occur, how quickly can you isolate them to root causes—and minimize any potential business impact? And is it possible to identify underlying patterns or trends in how service problems occur, and take proactive action that can prevent them from occurring in the first place?

Just such issues—and how IBM solutions can help—will form the heart of the Service Assurance track. In addition to discussing key IBM solutions such as the IBM Tivoli Netcool service assurance family (number one worldwide in market share, and the choice of more than 1,000 service providers worldwide as well as every one of the top 20), this track will also explore compelling new supporting technologies.

For instance, smart analytics can play a key role in sifting through mass quantities of data looking for unexpected trends or correlations—and armed with such new insights, service providers can often take action to roll out new services, or improve service performance, so as to more closely match user expectations and interests.

Also sure to be of value: the real-world experiences IBM clients have had, in using IBM solutions to achieve just these results, as well as from-the-trenches wisdom (best practices) that emerged along the way.

Managed service provider cloud solutions

Clouds have taken the enterprise IT world by storm—and for service providers, they can deliver the same benefits and strengths they have in other fields.

For instance, as a deeply virtualized, deeply automated architecture that automatically responds to workload demands in real time, clouds can significantly improve business agility for service providers. And in a field as competitive as telecommunications, greater agility will typically translate into greater success.

Another critical point of appeal: cost reduction opportunities. A deeply automated infrastructure is also one that can drive down many forms of costs, particularly labor costs—allowing organizations to refocus limited resources, moving from just "keeping the lights on" to "keeping customers happier than the competition can." Here, too, clouds can play a key role.

Among the 14 sessions in this track, you'll find many that provide information directly applicable to both improving agility and reducing costs.

For instance, "Be Your Own Cloud Service Provider" will discuss everything involved in setting up and managing a private cloud—a great way to get all the benefits of cloud computing without having to rely on an external infrastructure you don't actually own or control—and all the IBM hardware, software, and expert insight that can help you make that happen.

Or, if you'd like to hear from an IBM client just how cloud computing has made such a leap possible for them, consider attending "Tectrade's Transformation from a Value Added Reseller to a Managed Service Provider Using IBM SmartCloud Technology." As the title suggests, this organization was able to completely rethink and reimplement its business model for the better, at a very fundamental level, by working collaboratively with IBM to develop a tailored cloud solution.

Don't miss the extensive, in-detail technical demos and an open Business Leadership Forum

Seeing is believing—and the technical demos at Pulse 2013 will help you see exactly how IBM solutions work, interoperating with themselves and your infrastructure to support service assurance and service management goals of all kinds.

In the Pulse Expo Hall, for instance, you'll find demos on IBM solutions such as IBM Netcool Network Management and IBM SmartCloud; IBM Netcool Network Analytics; Assurance of 4G/LTE Services; Metro Ethernet/Backhaul Network Management; the IBM SmartCloud family; and various predictive analytics capabilities, available via solutions such as IBM Maximo/TRIRIGA. These and other IBM offerings can help you better visualize, control, and automate the way you monitor and manage the entire infrastructure, end to end, thus making sure it delivers the highest possible business value for all the services it supports.

Rounding out Pulse 2013 attractions for service providers: an open Business Leadership Forum that will discuss hot topics of many kinds.

IDC analyst Deb Osswald, IDC's VP of Communications Service Provider Operations, will be on hand to lead an exploration of topics ranging from big data/analytics to cloud to customer experience management. Attend the forum to get the straight story on how today's leading technologies can deliver a superior business outcome—or contribute compelling experiences and insights of your own!

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