Pulse 2013: Turning the Spotlight on Smarter Physical Infrastructure

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Infrastructure management is a rapidly changing field—and Pulse 2013 will offer a tremendous opportunity to bring yourself up to speed.

At Pulse, to be held at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas from March 3-6, you'll get a chance to hear about:

Nine tracks help you tailor your experience to your needs

Of course, as always with Pulse, the remarkable educational opportunity is also a remarkably configurable one. By matching the tracks you attend to your organization's context and goals, you can return better informed about the areas of most relevance to you.

"As always with Pulse, the remarkable educational opportunity is also a remarkably configurable one. By matching the tracks you attend to your organization's context and goals, you can return better informed about the areas of most relevance to you."

At the 2013 event, nine tracks will target different aspects of infrastructure management.

"Smarter Infrastructure Innovation and Capabilities" will discuss the complete IBM value proposition in this area—everything from the application of new analytics tools to energy consumption, to system optimization, to new opportunities to share information across domains, to facilities/IT integration, to real estate management that helps you optimize building leases over time. And in addition to multiple presentations from IBM subject matter experts on IBM's extensive solution portfolio, the broad range of potential business benefits will also be explored in the form of recent case studies.

"Smarter Buildings" will turn a spotlight on the specific issue of how best to integrate and enhance infrastructure management at the building level. What is the best way to improve an entire building's energy efficiency, for instance? What about space management—are assets within the building deployed in the way that makes best business sense, minimizing the floor space they consume while also fully achieving organizational goals? Is money spent on buildings in an optimized way, or are there opportunities to reduce capital outlay that haven't yet been discovered or pursued? These and other questions will be answered.

"Smarter Cities" takes the discussion to a higher level yet. As municipal leaders strive to integrate and optimize services across multiple domains, they face many of the same challenges as business leaders—reducing costs, increasing service availability, and aligning services as closely as possible to the needs of end users (citizens). Furthermore, many of the same management solutions and best practices used by business leaders can help. At this track, you'll hear from city leaders how IBM solutions helped them connect and enhance management across domains as diverse as emergency response services, power, water, public safety, and municipal transportation.

Over time, assets must be continually monitored and maintained to perform optimally and thus generate optimal business value. But this is exceptionally difficult to achieve given the enormous complexity and diversity of the assets owned by most enterprise-class organizations. In "Operate and Maintain the Asset Infrastructure," you'll learn how IBM solutions can help you make that happen: by comprehensively collecting and analyzing asset data and automating the processes of maintaining assets for peak performance, while also predicting future problems—and empowering you to address those problems before they get a chance to manifest.

"EAM and Integrated Workplace Management Best Practices" will inform you of some of the most efficient and cost-effective methods yet discovered to maintain assets across their complete lifecycles. These insights can then be implemented via IBM's flagship enterprise asset management solution family, Maximo, and IBM TRIRIGA (Link resides outside of ibm.com), an integrated workplace management solution that focuses on building management, energy efficiency, and real estate management.

And if you'd like to hear how these best practices have actually been utilized in the real world, or were originally developed, "EAM and Integrated Workplace Management Industry Case Studies" is the track for you. This double track features IBM client presentations and should discuss from-the-trenches experiences of organizations in industries as diverse as energy and utilities, manufacturing, transportation, chemicals and petroleum, manufacturing, finance, and others. Bottom-line business metrics such as return on investment and pragmatic problem-solving will form the heart of this discussion.

"EAM Technical Sessions," a series of sessions led by IBM experts teamed with IBM clients, will focus specifically on IBM Maximo solutions, their capabilities, and the business benefits they deliver. Topics covered with include how Maximo solutions have helped solve EAM challenges, including workflow, reporting, migration, monitoring, archiving, integration, mobile asset management, scheduling, and supply chain management.

Finally, "Integrated Workplace Management Technical Sessions" will do for TRIRIGA solutions what the previous track did for Maximo. Specifically, IBM TRIRIGA experts and TRIRIGA clients will combine to lead sessions on real-world experiences on a case-by-case basis, exploring the initial business context and difficulties, and how TRIRIGA integrated workplace management led to a better outcome in facilities and real estate management.

Client presentations provide industry-specific insight

These last two tracks help illustrate a key point about Pulse: it's not just the theory of infrastructure management you'll learn about, but the actual experiences of other organizations, similar to yours, that have recently faced similar challenges and have found that IBM solutions helped yield a superior result.

Looking for specifics? Consider some of the IBM clients whose presentations will be unveiled at Pulse:

This is actually only a small handful of the client presentations to be delivered at the show—and by choosing to attend the ones that most closely reflect your interests, you'll ensure that your Pulse experience is not just information-packed, but of enormous practical benefit to your organization.

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