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Blueworks Live

The fastest way to take your process improvement efforts to the next level.

IBM Blueworks Live is designed with the business user in mind, allowing everyone in your organization to participate in process discovery, mapping and automation right from their web browser. Home to over 200,000 processes, Blueworks Live is an easy to use and affordable way to get your organization thinking about and acting on process improvement.

Portal Express

IBM® WebSphere® Portal Express V7 offers application integration, document management, web content management and collaboration capabilities in a single, easy-to-deploy solution targeted at small and medium business. Now includes popular social capabilities, including blogs, wikis, tagging and ratings, as well as an updated configuration wizard and enhanced analytics support.

WebSphere ILOG Visualization

Advanced graphical displays and visualization software for user interface developers

Visualization software from IBM provides the industry’s most comprehensive set of graphics products for creating highly graphical, interactive displays. User interface developers reduce development time and risk. End users understand their information better, and can react faster.

WebSphere ILOG Elixir Enterprise

Elixir Enterprise provides a full spectrum of advanced graphical displays for the most demanding line-of-business applications. Developers can easily take advantage of the many Flex visualization displays to create a new category of application that is functionally superior and visually appealing.

WebSphere Message Broker Express

Simple yet powerful integration engine for any size project

WebSphere Message Broker is a lightweight, advanced ESB that enables the integration of data sources from a wide range of platforms across both SOA and non-SOA environments. With WebSphere Message Broker, organizations of any size can eliminate point-to-point connections and batch processing in order to increase business flexibility and smart interoperability of systems regardless of platform, protocol or data format.

WebSphere Application Server

IBM WebSphere® Application Server drives business agility by providing millions of developers and IT Architects with an innovative, performance based foundation to build, reuse, run, integrate and manage Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) applications and services. Learn more.

WebSphere Application Server Community Edition

WebSphere Application Server CE streamlines the creation of applications such as departmental apps by providing the baseline components needed to deploy applications in one integrated package. Learn more.

WebSphere Application Server – Express

WebSphere Application Server Express V7 offers outstanding capabilities for secure transaction management. It supports the full Java EE 5 programming model and includes Web 2.0 and Web services support. It also includes easy-to-use integrated wizards and samples to get started quickly. Learn more.

WebSphere Application Server Hypervisor Edition

IBM WebSphere® Application Server Hypervisor Edition drives business agility by providing developers and IT Architects with an innovative, performance based foundation to build, reuse, run, integrate and manage SOA applications and services within virtualized environments. Learn more (US).

WebSphere Virtual Enterprise

WebSphere Virtual Enterprise provides application virtualization capabilities that lower costs. It increases flexibility and agility to ensure business process integrity, improve service and application performance, and better manage application health. Learn more.

WebSphere Smash

A development and execution platform for quickly building agile, web-based applications. WebSphere sMash v1.1 enables developers to quickly build and execute agile, Web 2.0-based applications that help businesses be more responsive, flexible and cost-effective. As a fast and simple application foundation, WebSphere sMash advances Smart SOA and accelerates business and IT alignment. Learn more.

WebSphere MQ

IBM® WebSphere® MQ delivers reliable messaging for SOA. IBM WebSphere MQ V7.0 provides a Universal Messaging Backbone on distributed platforms to connect virtually any commercial IT system. Learn more.

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