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Rational solutions for your-sized business: Grow the value of your software

IBM® Rational® SMB software solutions provides proven best practices and software development, delivery, and management solutions for small and mid sized businesses. Whether you rely on software to run your business or it is your business, Rational can help you grow the value of your software within the small business application development process.

What we offer

Companies demand more from their IT and development teams. It’s not enough to develop and deliver great software. Today’s IT has to balance cutting costs and doing more with less with delivering the same or greater value to the business. Not sure where to start?

Rational can help. We asked hundreds of companies around the globe which Rational solutions helped them reduce cost, save time, and lower risk. Here are their top picks:


    Better Web security at lower cost (US)

    Web site security and compliance solutions identify vulnerabilities and assess compliance requirements to improve the accuracy and reliability of online systems.


    Reduce your cost of quality (US)

    Quality management solutions ensure functionality, reliability, and performance throughout the lifecycle from requirements to test cases and defects.


    Increase agility and team productivity (US)

    Integrated version control, automated work flows, and build capabilities in a single product provide real-time visibility and complete project collaboration.

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