Requirements management and definition

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Requirements management, requirements definition and requirements engineering

practices are the cornerstones of project success.

In a recent industry study, organizations surveyed incurred a cost of as much as 60% on time and budget when they used poor requirements practices. Organizations with poor business analysis capabilities had three times as many project failures as successes.

When requirements are defined and managed properly, project overruns can be reduced by as much as 20% by reducing the number of inaccurate, incomplete, and omitted requirements.

IBM® Rational® software offers best practices in requirements definition and requirements management proven to save time and money by helping you:

Requirements management and definition software

  • IBM Rational DOORS®

    Requirements management, traceability, and impact analysis capabilities for more formal, rigorous requirements engineering purposes, primarily suited to organizations creating manufactured systems and products Try Now (US)

  • IBM Rational Requirements Composer

    Helps teams to define requirements more effectively and manage them efficiently across the project lifecycle to gain better business outcomes through light-weight requirements practices Try Now (US)

  • IBM Rational RequisitePro®

    Requirements management, traceability, and impact analysis capabilities for project teams, primarily suited to organizations creating application software Try Now (US)

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