Change and release management

Accelerate change and delivery

IBM® Rational® software offers industry-leading change and release management solutions to help you:

Explore the distinctive change and release management solutions to help you orchestrate software development and deployment.

  • Collaborative software delivery (US)

    IBM Rational Team Concert™ provides integrated version control, automated work flows, and build capabilities for real-time visibility and complete project collaboration.

  • Automating software assembly (US)

    IBM Rational Build Forge® provides a process execution framework that automates and accelerates software assembly processes to streamline software and systems delivery.

  • Identifying code-level issues through static analysis (US)

    IBM Rational Software Analyzer® is extensible static analysis software that can help you detect coding issues and improve overall code quality.

  • Software configuration management (US)

    Rational software provides sophisticated version control, workspace management, and parallel development support to improve productivity.

  • Software change management (US)

    Rational software provides flexible defect and change tracking, process automation, reporting, and lifecycle traceability for better visibility and control of change and the development lifecycle.

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