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Exponential expertise

Smarter software is fueled by expertise. That expertise goes well beyond the people and resources within IBM. In fact, IBM has established an award-winning, worldwide network of Business Partners that exponentially extends its software expertise. IBM Business Partners can help you purchase, develop, integrate and deploy the software and IT solutions to help you innovate and succeed.

Extensive and intensive

IBM Business Partners build their expertise through intensive and extensive training and certification programs.

Satisfied, Highly-skilled.

IBM Business Partners are among the most satisfied and highly-skilled professionals in today's marketplace. They are consistently more satisfied than top competitors according to the annual IBM Business Partner Diagnostics Study. Additionally, the IBM Software Value Plus global distribution model ensures that they earn key certifications to resell authorized portfolio products.

Award-winning in more ways than one

The IBM Business Partner program has been recognized on numerous occasions by industry-leading experts and publications – more than 117 top distinctions since 2004.1 IBM was named a 2010 CRN Channel Champion in multiple categories, including middleware, midrange servers and volume servers.2

Beyond winning awards, IBM sponsors its own awards for Business Partner excellence. The Beacon Awards Recognition Program recognizes an elite group of IBM Business Partners that have delivered unique and innovative solutions that have raised the standard for business excellence and client satisfaction.

Find an IBM Business Partner?

The IBM Business Partner Locator makes it easier than ever for clients to find an IBM Business Partner with a particular set of skills, or a technology reseller or a consultant with industry expertise. Similarly, IBM Business Partners can also use the tool to team with other Business Partners and develop innovative solutions.

If you are a Business Partner or interested in becoming one.

If you already are an IBM Business Partner then know about the IBM PartnerWorld Web site and program. If you’re interested in becoming an IBM Business Partner, it’s the best place to start.

Fast find

The IBM Business Partner Locator makes it fast and easy to find the partners with the skills you need.