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Why IBM for Media and Entertainment

Smarter software is the muscle behind IBM solutions for media and entertainment (M&E) industry. IBM provides software solutions that enable M&E companies to address a rapidly changing market, and meet the increasing demands of the digitally-savvy customer. The solutions are harvested and hardened by the expertise gained from tens of thousands of client engagements. Across the world, leading M&E companies have implemented IBM Software solutions to:

Smarter media & entertainment solutions powered by IBM Software leverage:

The capabilities of IBM Software build solutions on a set of integrated capabilities to deliver greater business value and competitive advantage. Following are some of the key software capabilities used by leading M&E companies worldwide-

What we offer

Tackle strategic business challenges with smarter media and entertainment solutions in:

Accelerate time to value

IBM Industry Frameworks are software platforms that combine the business capabilities of award-winning IBM software capabilities with industry specific assets and best practices. IBM Industry Frameworks help clients deploy business solutions faster while lowering project cost and risk.

IBM Media Enterprise Framework (US) provides proven software solutions, best practices and guiding principles for M&E companies to run their businesses more effectively and gain competitive advantage.

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IBM at IBC 2011

Listen (link resides outside of to Jeff Smith (VP, Communications Sector Solutions, IBM Software) speak on 'Connected Content Consumers' at the IBC, Amsterdam 2011 event. Download the presentation today!

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