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Why IBM software for government

Learning to do more with less is the new normal in government, and that is where IBM’s solutions for the Government Industry can help. Enabled by a set of process, analytics and collaboration based capabilities, they help government agencies to improve citizen services, even while operating under resource constrained conditions.

The solutions are powered by expertise gained from leading client engagements, and it’s transforming the way government – and the planet – works. IBM’s industry-leading experienced professionals, together with comprehensive technology and cost-effective methodologies, helps government implement innovative solutions that helps them to:

At IBM, we’re dedicated to helping the operations of government itself become smarter. Smarter government solutions powered by IBM software leverage:

IBM solutions are built on a core set of software capabilities which bring together specific products and offerings to deliver business value for a competitive advantage. Below are some of the key software capabilities, which are used by leading government industries worldwide.

What we offer

Tackle strategic challenges with these targeted solutions to help make your government more efficient:

Accelerate time to value

IBM Industry Frameworks are software platforms that combine the business capabilities of award-winning IBM software capabilities with industry specific assets and best practices. IBM Industry Frameworks help clients deploy business solutions faster while lowering project cost and risk.

The IBM Government Industry Framework (US) delivers IBM software to help you integrate systems and processes across a broad range of public service functions. It improves and transforms your agencies ability to serve the public, manage costs, and improve quality of life.

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To learn more about how IBM Government Industry solutions can help you contact your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner.

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Case studies

Predictive modeling helps New York state reduce questionable tax refunds by $1.2B and increase revenue availability by $100M.

Tracking crime and identifying patterns means MPD can redirect patrol resources at the shift level. Results include a 30% reduction in serious crimes.

IBM Institute for Business Value report

The power of analytics for public sector: Building analytics competency to accelerate outcomes.

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