Protect data privacy

Transform data on demand to protect privacy across the enterprise

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Protecting data privacy is no longer optional—it’s the law! Organizations must have procedures in place to de-identify data across both production and non-production environments to comply with data privacy regulations and avoid data breaches.

The information explosion, the proliferation of endpoint devices, growing user volumes and new computing models like cloud, big data and social business are only exacerbating the problem.

Organizations need to adopt a policy driven, on demand transformation approach to proactively protect data privacy and support compliance especially in the new era of computing where data is everywhere.

The InfoSphere Optim solutions bring flexibility, scalability and adaptability to data transformation by helping organizations:

Ensure data privacy: Comprehensive data masking services on demand across heterogeneous environments in physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures. Dei-identify sensitive data while maintaining business context and integrity to deliver intelligent protection.

Lower risk: Key component of a defense in depth approach; See InfoSphere Data Security Solutions for more!

Ensure compliance: Implement privacy policies to ensure only those with a valid business need to know have access to sensitive data